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Welcome to the Sean Hannity Community! Tell us a little about yourself. This is an online community meant for political discussion. We have a wide range of members representing a broad cross section of America and even posters from abroad. If this is your first time posting on a political message board, please take some time to read the rules of this forum, and observe the other threads to get the feel for our political discourse. Again, welcome!

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I have a suggestion for President Trump, for opening up the economy.
Have all employers demand that all employees wear gloves and masks to work.
I realize that their are not enough masks on the market to supply everyone with new ones daily. However, the companies could supply washable masks and gloves, the employees leave them at work and wash them each shift change.
As we know, we Americans don’t like to be told what to do. This would be no more invasive then no smoke free work places. Customers could not go shopping with out gloves and face masks.


You do realize that gloves get contaminated and spread the virus as well

Certain types of gloves can be washed or sanitized, and disposable gloves are very inexpensive.
When I was in business, I provided our service men with rain wear, gloves and steel toe boots.
Trust me, every company that is not on the Government Tit, would cover employee’s expenses, so they could get back to what companies are created for. Which ( much to Social Democrat’s horror ) is to service customers and make a profit.

Thank you

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Welcome. Please make sure you read the rules above.

Who enforces this? The FBI? The U.S. marshals?

Well I like you already! :love_you_gesture:


Love yall too

Well Mr. Possum, long time no see. I share your concerns about the Virus…I think. I have not had it, nor has anyone in my family. I have had two close calls within my family that thankfully turned out ok.

Masks are very much the key in my opinion. Public Health warrants it, and the numbers are showing it. I do not believe we will need to shut things down, as long as we get the general public to take this seriously. That can’t happen until the president and his administration take it seriously. Therein lies the fatal flaw.

Good to see you back. I look forward to your take on things. I may not always agree, but I know you are well reasoned, so I look forward to reading your posts. Stick around huh?

LONG time lurker, first time poster. I may have admittedly strong opinions, but I’d rather engage in these difficult conversations with opposing viewpoints rather than plummet into the confirmation bias abyss. This forum has always been a rarity in that regard.


The site has been having problems for the last several days. It’s usually not this wonky.

It started about 36 hours ago.

I’m not a new poster but a returning poster.

I got a 10 day time out more than a year ago but the system never let me log back in until today.

Hello everyone! I’m a recurring Hannity poster.

Hi everybody,

My name is Ras Ayer, and I’m a cohost of a podcast (not sure if we’re allowed to include our own podcast name, so I’ll leave it out). Our show is a moderate liberal and a moderate conservative (me) discussing issues as logically, dispassionately and philosophically consistent way as possible.

Big Hannity fan; I listen on Sirius almost every day. Yesterday (fri, 3/4), Hannity gave an amazing timeline rundown of the past few years leading up to the Ukraine conflict, including info on the Nordstream II pipeline. I seem to remember him saying, in opposition to Psaki’s claim that the N2 wouldn’t be operational for over a year, that Russia resumed construction of the pipeline 4 days into the Biden Presidential Circus.

So question: does anyone know either where that figure came from, or know where I could find a transcript of that show? I couldn’t write down a timestamp at the time because I was driving, and I don’t have time to relisten to the whole thing before logically destroying my cohost tonight.

I’d be most grateful for any guidance, and thanks for making me part of the community!


You can try here.

Here is part of his show for 3/4 2022

Welcome to form…I’m sure you will find some very interesting discussions specially with war in Ukraine. That war crosses political lines that you may not or may not expect.


Hello, all. It’s nice to “meet you”. I am a proud to be an American. I am a proud Rush baby and miss him more with each passing day. I am joining this forum (and others) because at this point in time I feel it important our voices be heard in every available venue so others will know they are not alone, and the marxists/communists, while the loudest at the moment, are in fact the voice of the minority.


Welcome to Hannity forum.


Welcome. Please share your thoughts on any topic and hopefully you will find our community enjoyable.

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