Amy Coney Barrett

the politics of nominating barret do nothing. people who support her are already voting for trump. those who aren’t will oppose. she basically is a void for election purposes

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Any nominee Trump puts forth will energize his base - but with varying degrees.

Nominating Brown won’t magically increase black support for Donald Trump.

You are underestimating the political intelligence of the black community.

Why would that change now? These are the same people who like to talk about the Democratic plantation

It was very sad indeed to see the passing of RGB. Truly an era in the Supreme Court has come to an end and she gave it everything she had to fight the disease she had. I think nominating ACB, seems a good choice from what I read. The democrats are very scared, because the election would have gone to the Supreme Court for a decision, I was sure of it. They were sure that Roberts would side with them for the outcome if there was an issue. Now with RGB gone this changes significantly the dynamics of the Supreme Court. If ACB gets put forth, there will be controversy for sure. Threats are already being made. The dems plans seems to have been somewhat confounded…


That is precious after Biden has pandered and insulted his way to losing support.

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An 8 member court also confounds the D plan.

The virus blaming will take a back seat while Trump goes on offense with the business of government.

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RGB left a legacy on the courts…she made some pretty good ruling that I agree with when she stayed in her lane, but their were times she allowed her ideologue get in her way. I can live with those that follow the rules of liberalism…it’s those that stray from em.

I have my concerns with Barrett. I fear she will allow to much power to centralize government…therefor she is far from my first choice. But because of political climate select a man ATM makes that impossible.

I have to admit that is a strong point.

Yeah, a wise Latina can come to better decision all the time rather than a white male. Right?

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and the white experience is different from another’s white experience

being less white contributes nothing

thinking it does is pure refined, condensed, and quadruple distilled racism

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Trumps base is already energized. He doesn’t need to to anything for that.

It isa you who underestimate the nlack community if you think their going to line up like good little lemmings when your party is savaging ayet another black nominee to the court. Its not like Trump would need to win a majority of them, just 12%. if at the same time the democrat black vote is supressed the election would be over early.

re elect trump and the court will be conservative for the next 35 years. the perfect at this point is the enemy of the good.

you aware that the term comes from the blacks who’ve left it… right? or ain’t they black anymore?

I have no idea what conservatism is today.

did you ever?

I thought I did.

[The Contract with America: Implementing New Ideas in the U.S. | The Heritage Foundation](The Contract with America: Implementing New Ideas in the U.S.)

One of the revolutionary elements of the Contract is the fact that it actually was implemented as promised. Profound disillusionment within the American political system centered on the perception that politicians make promises only to be elected and then promptly abandon their pledges once safely ensconced in office. Thus, the first and most innovative idea reflected in the Contract required politicians to take their own promises seriously and actually implement them.

This would go a long way to balance all the arrows in Pelosi D and media quivers.

and they did.

when did trump promise not to nominate anyone?

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I support Barrett because of her judicial philosophy. She has adopted 2 Haitian kids. Will the Democrats attack her faith again? ‘The Dogma lives loudly within you’ Feinstein, ‘so many on this side are uncomfortable’. So what the Dogma lives within her, she has a right to have a faith. It is an unconstitutional religious test. Harris said to another nominee, just being a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic men’s group, disqualifies you. Catholics and other Christians won’t like another attack on the faith of Christians. Hectoring a woman who is able, won’t look good for Democrats.