Amy Coney Barrett

I’ve tried to think through every options and her name keeps coming up.

She is not my first choice…or my second but at this moment in time it is only choice I can think of.

What I like most about her is she rejection the notion that legal precedent are permanent. I know that has RvW people up in arms but I’m not referring to that…that is irrelevant IMO.

Now the left will come at her from being white European…

Ann Coulter hates her apparently cause she uses her Catholicism as a reason she’s anti-capital punishment

I thought Trump wanted to nominate Lyin’ Ted ? :wink:

And … so?

She learned the value and dignity of a human life through her religion. Others learn it through other means. The foundation for one’s position shouldn’t matter. It’s the position that matters, in the end.

If Coulter (about whose opinion I don’t give a flip) opposes her on religious grounds, then she’s just as bigoted on that point as Kamala Harris was when complaining about Barrett’s Catholicism.

Cruz is already on record as saying he doesn’t want a SCOTUS nomination.


I don’t think Ann Coulter is Anti-Catholic; she’s just pro-capital punishment. Therefore she’s opposed to a justice who’s anti-capital punishment.

And Trump would be a fool to yank a vote out of his slim Senate majority.

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Too bad. I was looking forward to discussing why President Trump thinks it’s a good idea to appoint a known liar to the country’s highest judicial body. I guess we can still have that discussion.

Wish there was some more information on Barbara Lagoa and few others.

Judging by the summary on the second link, she’s not particularly liked by progressives.

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May have to retract her from my list…not to cool with changing positions she has taken. Tells me she hasn’t built her foundation right. Which is always a concern when picking Justice members…specially for SCOTUS.

I don’t agree with Ginsberg…I’ll have more to say about her later after 24 hour grace period is over but at least she built her foundation on solid ground…even thou I didn’t care about the view.

Nobody will be confirmed until the new Senate takes form after the election.

Romney will oppose any nominee. Collins and Murkowski won’t either.

I think this is a plus for Trump. He can run on the issue after making a nomination.

You guys are going to need to figure out your chants that Gorsuch must go after Barrett is confirmed.

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Barrett is a acceptable to me.

Actually, most of the nominees on Trump’s list are acceptable to me, with the known exceptions of Cotton, Cruz and Hawley. (Cruz and Hawley have both already declined.)

There are a couple of names that are borderline, but those are very unlikely to be nominated.

I keep checking out other names but I keep coming back to Barrett. We can’t nominate someone with penis at the moment.

For me I would be happy with someone like Kethledge…but that’s not going to happen.

I know with Barrett libs will be screaming white European women aren’t acceptable. Which will have benefits comes Nov 3rd.

If you think about it, he can’t name a sitting Senator encase it would reduce the number of Republicans eligible to vote to 52. Since there is a real possibility that two R’s will defect (at least before the election), that would mean 49 no’s. It McConnell loses one more R, then the nomination fails on a 50-49 vote.

Oh. Would the governor not be able to appoint a temp. replacement in time for the vote ?

Aren’t their qualified black women who can at least be nominated?

If a sitting Senator was nominated nared, he would still be a Senator until confirmed to the SCt. The only way a Governor could appoint a new Senator would be if the nominee resigned in advance of confirmation,