Interesting Portents of Shifting Alliances - Hispanicos & Black Nation

The Democrats are steadily losing ground with Hispanic voters. The seriousness of this problem tends to be underestimated in Democratic circles for a couple of reasons: (1) they don’t realize how big the shift is; and (2) they don’t realize how thoroughly it undermines the most influential Democratic theory of the case for building their coalition.

But it’s possible that no political development worries blue America’s operatives more than Hispanic voters’ rightward drift.

Be interesting to see what the numbers look like broken down a little further.


now if black people would just wake up…

Diminishing demographic. The ADOS is losing importance, for several reasons.

in therms of numbers or voting?

looks like the train wreck of Biden admin is affecting them too

from your op link

wonder what kind of stupid narrative the democrats are ginning up right now in emails and meetings with big media to try to undo the slow growing awareness of people…


not to spam the thread, but nothing wakes people up like skyrocketing prices

if you dont believe that ask 1980

i’m sure there are other reasons but that opens eyes.

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Numbers and influence outside the dem party.

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No doubt our resident libs are waiting on their talking points.


oh no doubt! that’s all they ever have



What do republicans offer to incentivize the black voter?

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I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of an era. I have a feeling the old “Slavery/Jim Crow made us do it!” excuse has about run it’s course with independents. For several reasons - not least of which is success.

And there’s bound to be some fatigue. And comparisons.

I think there have been several strategic errors made as well.


let’s hope that continues

i see there is a movement to create a separate ethnic group apart from non-slave descended black people.

the left sure loves to create more aggrieved groups.


that’s a great strategy to justify being democrat despite how devastating to blacks

that’s not sarcasm. it actually works

i’d like to know why Democrats believe black people are so stupid. do you have any thoughts on that?

i think Hispanics are getting tired of that

The chart is upside down and then should be titled as; those coming out of the sheoplization process.

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I read the intelligence article as

“Hispanics are leaving thinking about leaving the democrat party to vote for Republicans who are taking up traditional democrat political stances”

If this continues to happen, it is possible that republicans become what they were pre CRA. In which case the party name may change but they will have to be a bit more liberal in their political stances.

I’m less interested in the party name and more interested in the why behind it.

2022 will be interesting

LOL @WuWei Remember forum libs ensured us that Hispanics will never shift alliances/party because we are too racist, that they don’t hold our values etc. We were told how disillusion we were for saying it.

This is what happens when democrat/libs start believing they think for everyone else.


Do you have evidence that republicans policies are less devastating to black people?

From a macro level… black people typically prosper more under democrat presidency. From a micro level, (city, local state) it likely paints a different picture.

“Democrat plantation” is said by whom? Then you make this statement

As if they aren’t already awake. That makes black people sound stupid.

no but theres a lot that democrats are devastating. maybe you should start there instead of “repubs wont be any better”

“they want to put ya’ll back in chains”

yes. democrats make them sound and look stupid. question is, why. i think i know why

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Here ya go. I got my talking points thanks for being patient

I still believe that. Trump adopted some democrat positions that resonates with some Hispanics and even black people.

If future republicans continue to adopt those positions, then I could see more of a shift. But that means that the GOP returns to it’s pre CRA policies positions and becomes the more liberal party.

So I see it as a potential party switch… which happens every 70 years or so.

We shall see.