Republican wins in district that's 85% Hispanic

We’ve had Republican mayors in Dover.

No biggie.

Now win the congressional district now that will be worth crowing about.

Mayor lol. No.


Obviously election fraud. Lol


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By all means, audit that vote! lol


Yes … But the media dems acted like Hispanics could not think for themselves. The OP is not

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Goalpost shift.

I’m going to need an example of “the media” acting like Hispanics can’t think for themselves

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Umm what lol. No that’s the gop narrative. “Make Hispanics citizens and they will vote only dems” is something you guys are arguing.

There are entire threads on the subject. Your post is the kind of reality twisting projection that deserves an award of some kind


The Italians are at it again…

Rio Grande Valley has been trending GOP

Biden still won Ocañas’s Hidalgo county, but with a fraction of the margin. In Starr county, which Clinton had dominated in a 60-point landslide, voters swung for Biden by just five points. And, after Democrats squandered a nearly 33-point advantage from four years ago, Zapata county flipped to deliver Trump a stunning victory.

If this turns into a trend old joe will finish the wall and make it all 100 ft high. :rofl:


How did trump do with Hispanics.

Joe already knows

Everyone does but the radio listeners

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Without looking, is it in Texas or Arizona? Where the Latino evangelical population has been exploding for fifteen years?

Class is fluid; race is immutable. So by fixating on race, the left believes that it can divide America into permanent victimizers and victims — at a time when race and class are increasingly disconnecting.

Yes. Explains a lot of things.

The two parties are switching class constituents. Some 65% of the Americans making more than $500,000 a year are Democrats, and 74% of those who earn less than $100,000 a year are Republicans, according to IRS statistics. Gone are the days of working people automatically voting Democratic, or Republicans being caricatured as a party of stockbrokers on golf courses.


Excellent article! That’s the big lie that the Democrat party cares about the middle class. They don’t give a flying ■■■■ about the middle class. From your link:

“Increasingly, the Democrats are a bicoastal party of elites from corporate America, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the media, universities, entertainment and professional sports. All have made out like bandits from globalization.”

The open borders agenda that Biden and the Left is pushing now will destroy the middle class and they know it. That’s the endgame and it’s happening right now. Create chaos at the border so that hundreds of thousands of people get into the country every month then bus them and fly them into communities across America. What’s happening in NJ and in other states is that suburban communities are being forced to change zoning laws to High Density Residential, which opens the door to accommodate low income housing. It’s not rocket science to figure out what will be the result if we take in 5 million or so of the worlds impoverished citizens each year. The suburbs will eventually become just like the inner cities. And guess who is going to pay for all that “free” education, “free” healthcare, “free” housing, “free” meals, etc? Largely the middleclass in all those towns.

The Bell Curve.

Not sure I follow?

Stratification of wealth, education, etc.

That’s what the book is actually about.

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In other words having two classes right? A very small percentage of the very wealthy elites from corporate America, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the media, universities, entertainment and professional sports, and then the rest of us, who would all be economically equal and poor.

Yeah, sort of. But it’s more than two.

I’ve been wondering what these Woke people envision as the end result. I mean wealth-wise.

[quote=“SneakySFDude, post:33, topic:239322”]

In the minds of today’s so-called liberal we are always a new government program away from utopia.