Interesting Portents of Shifting Alliances - Hispanicos & Black Nation

I thought they wanted millions of more impoverished Latinx people here in the US to provide free education, Healthcare, housing, meals, etc. for?

They aren’t any stupider than white Democrats. Feel better now?


Some more lib talking points

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I can hear Brandon now…“if you vote R, you ain’t Latino…comprende”? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


we expect you to think for yourself and be black.

I have been saying for this years on this very forum.

Despite the right wing tearing it’s hair out over illegals being firmly in the dem corner, Hispanics have a lot of conservative values and while they are not homogenous will shift towards the gop. We have been seeing the trend for two decades

I thought those millions would always vote dem?

Well don’t republicans need to be better in order to move the needle. There needs to be an incentive. Something that works better.

I might hate my internet provider, but I won’t switch unless there is a better provider.

Oh, you are a democrat? Because you said black people need to wake up… not me.

Yes they do, and their conservative nature is being highlighted by the increasingly rabid nature of the alienating left.

Florida going from purple to red should have been a pretty powerful red flag but nope.

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So do black people… yet…

I saw what happened in South Texas after the votes were finalized. THAT, was a sight to behold. lol

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Hispanics are not as homogenous. They come from different countries and cultures. It’s completely different from black people

Puerto Ricans vs Mexicans vs Guatemalans vs Salvadorans. :wink:

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Lowest unemployment rates in history for one thing.

Do republicans need the ADOS vote to be successful? I don’t think so. It is less important each passing year.
They could also focus on “the other black vote” very easily.

Or focus on the ADOS male vote and concede the radical, loud female noise to the dems.

Republicans probably don’t need 70% of 40M, they probably need 10-15% of 20M.

And since only 60% of that 40M turned out to vote against “the most racist, worst President in history”, how big a deal is it really to republicans?

In 2008, 95% of black males voted for Obama. In 2012 that fell to 87%.

It fell to 82% for The Hag.

2020 saw the lowest support for the DNC ticket among black males ever - with a black woman on the ticket.

And there are three ways to win. 1) Vote for the republican 2) Don’t for the dem and 3) Don’t vote.

We are past the point of lumping. Republicans don’t need to incentivize “the black vote”, they need to focus on the African immigrant and ADOS male vote.

Same with Hispanicos. Forget the NYC Puerto Ricans and California Mexicans. Focus on the 2nd and 3rd gen Texas Mexicans.

In fact forget race all together. Focus on culture. Those who are successful and don’t want their hard earned gains sacrificed for the benefit of the 18 and 15% who insist on “keepin’ it real”.

The republicans need to be for something, not just against dems.

I think the answer for them is America First.


Correct. And neither are black people.

May be. I think culturally though they are more similar to each other than Hispanics.

They could’ve had a Platinum Plan by now. :rofl:

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or… hear me out

democrats actually need to be better

but i know always someone else’s fault

the “Lori Lightfoot” style of governance

good lord no. i respect human life, believe in personal responsibility, dont define myself by perpetual victimhood…

thanks for the review

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Nothing harder than being insulted by your own people for daring to think for yourself. Peer pressure is a mother ■■■■■■ in a materialistic world.