Ingraham: ‘America We Know and Love Doesn’t Exist Anymore’ in Some Places, Look at ‘Massive Demographic Changes’


And if I tell you that opinion, would you agree? Or disagree because “I am a know it all lib”


My view of the world is every bit as valid as yours is. I don’t need some arrogant condescending liberal looking to convert me to their LW belief system. Telling someone “how they are incorrect in their views” is the height of arrogance.

But then again, I understand that LIBs simply can’t help themselves. The sad reality is that we are now seeing this kind of intolerance turning violent.


Scary non white people.


Is telling someone they live in bizarro world because you disagree with their views similarly arrogant?


You are completely missing the boat with your strawman argument.


Nope! Not even remotely the same. I believe LIBs do live in a bizarro world. That is what I think of LW ideology in general. That is my opinion.

I recognize that everyone has a different world view and I’m absolutely ok with that. I enjoy the banter in this forum and in other forums where I participated.

I’m not on a crusade to persuade anyone to see things as I do. That would be arrogant and a waste of time.

And there in lays the difference.

LIBs simply refuse to accept that each of us sees the world quite differently, as evidenced by the comment in question. It is the height of arrogance to declare that someone’s view is incorrect and that their own view is the only correct one.


I see.

So it’s not arrogant when you demean and ridicule others for having a different world view.


What a bunch of self contradictory nonsense.


Same old crap from you.

So as usual, we are done.


This is a great transition wording to more easily attack all immigration. We can start with this and then eventually drop the distinction all together. I like it. :+1:



10 char


You literally contradict yourself within the same post.

I believe LIBs do live in a bizarro world.

It is the height of arrogance to declare that someone’s view is incorrect and that their own view is the only correct one.

You declare someone else’s view as incorrect. But deny that you do it.


He had to have been an planted agitator. Very curious that he disappeared on the eve of the election.




I don’t believe he was at all. He was one of the few true believers.

And it was a bit before the election that he ended up last posting, I believe. Last word was he was being admitted to the hospital for some significant heart-related issues. The general fear is that he did not make it out. The assumption is that he passed. Or else he would have certainly posted at least 1 time after the election, crowing about Hillary’s defeat.


I just went to the store. The Wonder bread was all gone.



What an odd stance - that debate is the height of arrogance.


Not necessarily true. It depends what we are talking about. There is truth in the world and I hope that as many of my views comport with these truths as possible.



I hope that crazy old guy got his wish to see Trump elected but not have to deal with the aftermath.

Not a bad way for him to go.


Ha…no kidding.


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