Ingraham: ‘America We Know and Love Doesn’t Exist Anymore’ in Some Places, Look at ‘Massive Demographic Changes’


We had bands on the weekends and would regularly have 150+ customers then, so it wasn’t like that on the weekends. During the week though you relied a lot more on the regulars.


I have. Grand Sport. Its pretty sweet.:sunglasses:


Seems like nothing has changed.


You need to be more careful with your groupthink Mole. Conservatives cannot be lumped together as if we all think with one brain. Some conservatives do believe that we need more legal immigration. I, on the other hand would like to see immigration cut in half. We have 320 million people in our country now. I don’t think that our natural resources and quality of life will improve when we have 400 million.


You’re in perfect situation to notice the multiple cultures here in the states if you take the time to feel, listen and spent time with em, whether it’s in Appalachian Mountains, The West, the Yanks, South etc.

And if you’re really paying attention you will also see why the culture differences.

In most cases their cultures adopted to their landscape.


I just wish the American manufacturers would learn how to build a proper small hot sedan again.

There hasn’t been a proper American hot compact since the Cobalt SS. And that was an amazing car for its time. It’s still competitive in the segment today. I mean it suffered from the usual small car Chevrolet issues (an interior designed on a shoe string budget and reliability issues out the wazoo) but man was that thing quick and practical, with real world economy north of 35 mpg.

Today the only options in the hot compact segment are Volkswagen, Honda, Nissan, and Subaru. So in the end I went with a Civic Si. The Golf GTI is overpriced, the Nissan Sentra SE-R is hideous, and the Subaru while fantastic drinks more fuel than my Trans Am does.

I don’t count the Focus ST or RS. Those are European cars that were Americanized. I considered the ST but it was more expensive than the Honda and has way less equipment. Plus it had Ford’s dreaded infotainment system. Not saying Honda’s is good (it’s not) but Ford’s is just awful.


What makes you think that you alone have the “correct” views? That is the height of LIB arrogance and is what liberalism is all about. They alone have all the answers and they will shutdown anyone and anything that would dare disagree.


When the Trump administration gets done buzzsawing all those onerous regulations that are holding back the Forgotten Man, the US will get back to making awesome cars again:


I’m liberal and it’s my view that the president of the United States should not be calling people stupid. Does that make me a know it all lib if I tell you that?


This is nonsense. No one holds views they think are incorrect or else they’d change them - like I have over the course of over a decade from very conservative, evangelical republican to libertarian to now pretty liberal. I explicitly expressed a view contrary to shutting down those I disagree with, but rather engaging with them.


I’m looking forward to scoring a 2019 Edsel…


yeah, so why do you think Trump wants immigrants from Norway, but not from africa?


The standard Corvette is also a very nice car, I have to admit. I’m not into trucks or SUBs at all, so I can’t speak to them. Currently drive a Boxter S. I’ll probably hang onto it for the next couple of years but my next car will either be a Z06 or I’ll stick with Porsche and get a GTS.


Because norway is not a ■■■■■■■■ country.



stang 10,000,000 and counting…



I see nothing wrong with what she said, there are major demographic changes that have been happening that no one been asked if they wanted this, and all the while ignoring illegal immigration.

America is not alone, most all of Western Europe including your country puts #1 issue immigration and right behind that issue #2 terrorism.


Shaming people does not work.

Having a conversation and explaining things sometimes does.

That is the best we can hope for.

I don’t think that a lot of people get that.


I sure do wish they could make up their minds on this issue. The opinions range from “just as long as they’re here legally I don’t mind”, to “These are LEGAL changes no one elected.”

That said IMO Ms. Ingraham was talking more about respect for common laws & regarding American citizenship as a privilege not being as much the norm among many than she was about any particular immigrant group.


Nope. You are simply offering your opinion.


Hey now the Corvair wasn’t a bad car. Dangerous yes, but it was the closest thing you could get to a 911 on a poor man’s budget.

Actually the early ones were generally awful. They got better with time though.