Ingraham: ‘America We Know and Love Doesn’t Exist Anymore’ in Some Places, Look at ‘Massive Demographic Changes’


I think it’s cute that libs think they’re going to have a voice in governance after the revolution.


What revolution


The Revolution.


You mean the coup.


What is it you don’t understand about

Wages up 2.7% over the last year
Inflation up 2.9% over the last year

Add on Tariffs and your silly post is making every clear thinking American take note that you might just know nothing about the economy.


Give it a name. You might be a little further down the list, rest assured you’re on the list.


I agree and they’re losing market share in that area because they aren’t. Ford is considering dropping out of the car market. All too often, those in the ivory towers of Detroit are too arrogant to look at the man in the mirror and recognize that…that’s the problem.


Chevrolet is producing a new ZR1 that has upped the horsepower of the Z06 from 650 to 750. The intent was that if you could spend any amount of money you choose, you can spend more money but you can’t buy more of a performance car. The ultimate package on this new edition should come in at $150,000.00 and there’s NOTHING that can touch it for that amount of money.

My cousin has a Boxter and there’s no doubt it’s a fun car too.


For under a $150k I would buy this bad boy (link below) over the ZR1 all day, every day.


Treason is cool.


What are you talking about?


Isn’t it?
10 char


0 TO 60 IN 2.85 SECONDS† and a top speed of 212. Why do you want to get beat?:sunglasses:


Oh, that revolution.


Why does Fox News hate America?


Why do you folks feel you get to vote on everything concerning others?


Hitting a chord.


Make policies and speeches that cater to that group, and that group is going to be really happy.


I was getting my car serviced in Richmond before we moved and was looking at the couple of GT3s they had in stock. Awesome cars, but I think $100K for a car is sort of my line in the sand. Lol


Nah he was around for years. Definitely an old angry white man. We used to joke that his day consisted of getting up, logging onto the Blaze to get his daily outrage then over to to vent.

He lived for Glenn Becks every word so when Beck came out against Trump poor Bear didn’t know what to do.