Infrastructure Bill

It looks like a bipartisan infrastructure bill is heading to a senate vote and likely passage. It doesn’t contain the larger wish list of the democrats but it does move the ball forward with a lot of important infrastructure priorities. What say you? Support or no?

“Though the bill, named the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, costs an estimated $1.2 trillion over eight years, it includes only $550 billion in new spending. That, according to the White House, includes the largest investment ever by the federal government in public transit and the largest investment ever in clean drinking water and wastewater.”

infrastructure Bill? Is that Bahgdad Bob’s cousin?


Wow. Down to 1.2 trillion from 3.

yep. cousins. both full of ■■■■


So there will finally be “infrastructure week”?

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i’m not “against” this bill. but i don’t need to read it to know that its full of “extras”. they always are

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So Trump is going to draw a line in the sand with this one. It will be interesting to see what he does against those Republicans who vote for it.

I indeed think there will be. :smiley:

What’s interesting is that Mitch McConnell has been pretty supportive of this- which is weird considering he is happy to be known as the grim reaper to shut down any bills that are supported by the Democrats.

His power is waning quickly. I don’t think they give a ■■■■ what he says now.

What a clown. All fours years of his Presidency he wanted to get it done, but now that it’s Biden, he wants to torpedo it.

Proof positive he had/has no interest in governance, only in winning. What a clown. :clown_face:

The true test will be the mids.

Remember what happened with the Covid Relief Bill? No Republicans voted for it and when it became popular a bunch of Republicans tried to take credit for the restaurant bail-outs and were made to look like fools. McConnell needs something now that Republicans can really take some credit for going into the 2022 election. And hey, infrastructure is a pretty solid deal for both sides.

if i were in the senate, i would not stop the bill from going forward, but i would not vote for it as the dems have made it known that its all kabuki theater and they will ram through another 3.5T in reconciliation. the time put into this was wasted


I always thought that if Obama had done a infrastructure bill first the ACA would have been easier. And if Trump had done one first his tax cut bill would have not gotten so much flack.

as i recall trump tried, the “resistance” wouldn’t allow it

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There are a couple of things in the bill (Broadband and public transportation) that would make the Republicans look really bad if they voted against it. So far the Republicans ignored the Covid relief bill polls and didn’t vote for it and I believe that it hurt them. Public opinion polls are important. And IMHO ignoring them is not going to prove wise.

Trump met with Pelosi and Schumer and they agreed that a $2T target price tag would be good.
And that is about as far as it got… The White House claimed that what the Democrats wanted to spend money on was a non-starter. And around that time Trump gave them a ultimatum that they had to choose between a infrastructure bill or investigating him. Everything sort of came to a grinding halt after that.

Every state has has at least one bridge that needs major repairs. Every Senator and Representative will get to cut a ribbon

what covid relief bill? there was very little in it that had anything to do with covid. mcconnell ■■■■■■ up when he didn’t pass the 2K while trump was president. if he had, the fact that the bill wasn’t about covid would have been more obvious.

should have walked away from this one and let the dems put the whole 5.5T on a single reconciliation bill. easy to say “we support an infrastructure bill, but not this madness”