Inflation at a 40 year high

That idiot is working on it.

Fail big or go home I guess.

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In this case they aren’t up front taxing you so they can fritter away all of that swag, nothing so honest. No they are reaching into your savings and investments by diluting the worth of the money they are valued in, and with that driving up your expenses.

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Prices never go down, I was told. The point made is solid.


Yes, the people they claim to want to help. But, they make the rich even richer by driving up housing costs. The poor renters.

Oil went down during Trump. It hitting 85$ right now and I bet will soon be 100$. Increasing energy costs drive up the price of everything. I wonder how much gas will cost this driving summer season?

Odd, how big oil and big banks, and big pharma do so well under dems…


Nobody said no individual price ever comes down.

It went down during Obama too and yet you were posting about 5 dollar gas in Cali. Never had it better and yet.

By that measure the folks that make GPUs must be doing great because they can’t keep up with demand.

Gas is always higher in California because of regulation. Yes, fracking took off during late Obama era because the price had gotten so high it paid for it. It made dems sad.

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And Obama couldn’t stop it because most of it wasn’t on federal land, he would have if he could have.


I think Obama and the left bombed Libya into chaos to raise oil prices. Trying to force that “Green” agenda. And to make money off the spike price spike it caused…

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Despite him.


“The Obama administration imposed tougher restrictions Friday on oil and gas “fracking” operations on public lands, seeking to lower the risk of water contamination from a controversial practice that is chiefly behind the recent boom in U.S. energy production.”

Remember the dem media all going crazy about some guys tap water catching on fire.

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Prices of oil were lower in 2015 and 2016 than on 2017 2018 and 2019. Yes yea it hit zero at some point

Sooooo despite him. How about them Russian sanctions that forced to sell oil and make the price crash?

The “free” childcare aspect of BBB if passed would essentially end the middle class family.

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Prices for individual items sometimes go down, particularly items that are based on global supply and demand such as petroleum, but inflation rarely goes negative (as your graphs indicate) and thus the CPI almost never decreases. When this current period if high inflation is over, prices will NOT return to pre-inflation levels as you claimed. And if the CPI were to go down for three quarters or more in a row, we would be in an economic depression. The Fed will do everything possible to prevent that from occurring.

He knows that. That’s just Alan being Alan. :wink:

No. The regulations specific to California have little effect on the price of gasoline there. The reason Californians pay so much for gas is their 53.3 cents (58 cents for diesel) per gallon tax.