When you think of Socialism, what do you think of?

I can tell you one think that Socialism isn’t about. Individuality.

Individuality from a Socialist Politicians perspective is Discrimination.
But I thought that Discriminating in general was a bad thing?

Isn’t that what Democratic Politicians constantly preach to Americans about?
Sexism, Racism, isms in general, phobia’s in general, that’s discrimination.

So why then does the Democratic Party want to force Socialism upon Americans,
and take away our Individuality?

Isn’t that being discriminatory against Americans?

Democratic Socialist Politicians in Washington want to take away who you are
as an individual and to tell you what you can or can not do.
Will you fall in line, and be another drone in their army of brainwashed
robots, or be your own individual, and stand out form the crowd politically,
and be a Conservative, and have your Freedom?

I dunno about the rest of you reading this, but I chose my individuality!
I choose Freedom of Speech!!! I chose the United States of America’s
Constitution! Things of which, at this very moment are trying to be taken
away from you, from the Democratic Politicians in Washington!


Socialism doesnt mean you can’t express yourself and be unique. Its about economics, man!

Individuality is expressing oneself, and being unique. But Individuality,
isn’t what Socialism is about. It’s the opposite. Democrat Socialists, want
to take away peoples individuality, and tell them what to do, how to act,
and what to think.

Nobody will need to express themselves or be unique, because we’ll all
be unique just by believing in the brainwashing Socialist ideas. lol.

We can all express ourselves, but only in a way that is pleasing
to the Socialist Politicians in Washington! lmao!

For Example; Trump Bad, Socialism Good.

Now repeat after the Socialist Politicians in Washington,
and Fake Mainstream Liberal News(A Democratic Politicians best friend.

No they don’t.

Those networks use republican talking points against universal healthcare all the time.

Another socialism thread AHHHHHHH

Everything but FOX of course

If only the Democratic Socialist Politicians would stop forcing it upon the American
people who don’t want it, then neither side would keep bringing up Socialist friends.

Fox isn’t perfect.

Most of the Fake News media hardly ever uses Republican talking points.

And that’s saying something also, because there are plenty of people in the Republican
swamp that are Democrats, but simply fake being a Republican Politician.

Fox News is some what Conservative. It depends on who it is. Judge Jeanine, and
Hannity are Conservatives, but other Fox News correspondents like Karl Rove are part of the swamp.

That is demonstrably untrue and the lugenpresse narrative is really showing how brainwashed you really are. Fox news benefits from this and makes massive profits off convincing people that they are the only “legitimate” news network so they can report anything without their viewers questioning it. Fox news wants you to believe this line so they can keep you hooked and rake in the profits while doing only minimal journalistic work. Their biggest selling point are the talking heads and pseudo experts and because the other networks are in it for the profit, they follow suit. The other networks like CNN, etc. are not really interested in universal healthcare and consistently use conservative talking points in rebuttal. I do love how trumpists are now throwing Karl Rove under the bus now.

Trumpists are throwing Karl Rove under the bus?

Who else has said anything about Karl Rove?

You do realize that 85 percent or more of the media News in this country is Liberal correct?

So one simple question. If those Liberal outlets are sooo honest, and trustworthy, and Fox News is so fake and bad, then why over the past several years, has Fox News
been able to expand, and get bigger ratings, bigger audience, more money to help their cause, and to start Fox Nation, and your Liberal Mainstream Fake News keep loosing trust and the number of people who watch them?

Don’t you think that the truth would expose the media outlets that are lying, and those media outlets would lose trust, and the ones telling the truth would be sought out amongst people that could tell that they were telling the truth? That would be the logical answer.

Ummm you did. Did you read your own post? You brought up Karl Rove :stuck_out_tongue:. Ahh the argument from popularity fallacy. First of all, the ability to expand and become such a popular network does not even have a correlative relationship to how correct the network is. Its not my liberal media for one, i have no ownership stake in them. Your own post demonstrates why separating fox news from mainstream media is silly. Fox news is mainstream media. Heres another ticker, people are watching less cable. 85 percent or more of the media will also call dicky spencer a dapper nazi, hire a Trumpist staffer who has absolutely no journalistic experience to cover the DNC debates, use conservative talking points against progressive reforms, support our war mongering politicians, and more. The actual history of reporting from the NYT is actually quite different from being a liberal rag where which side they are on varies.

From what i see, it is more of fox news being so unhinged and wreckless that it makes other networks look sane by comparison, allowing other networks to set a rather low bar for themselves. The reason i focus on fox news these days is because of what they have done to the minds of the American people, closing their minds to every single other outlet by simply labeling other networks liberal, no matter whether or not they actually are and viewers gobble it up without even looking at said networks to make their own decisions.

The best form of brainwashing that could ever occur is the type that makes one think the narrative they have been given is one that the victim came up with themselves. How fox news became such a powerhouse they are now is pretty interesting but it is rather personal since fox news has had a very negative effect on people i care about.

  1. Fox news was designed specifically to cater to a conservative narrative, but that just wasnt quite enough to satisfy Roger Ailes as he needed to create an entertainment powerhouse that would boost the republican party. He knew he had to at least keep a semblance of objectivity to gain any measure of respectability.

  2. Fox news needed to capture and keep a loyal audience so like they do now, fox created the narrative that they are the lone voice of truth in the vast wilderness of lying liberal media (progressive talk shows have somewhat copied this strategy) This is a very anti-competitive practice, but Ailes wanted brand loyalty above all else.

  3. Simply making a narrative that fox is the underdog isnt enough to keep people loyal, especially when you are backed by the wealthy elite. Thats where talk radio comes in, Rush was an expert at this task so they hired him to be the connection to the average joe. Fox picked the right stations and the right times, during the commute to and from work. These times are when people are most isolated and most irritable. All Rush had to do was be that friend in the car people needed in these often stressful times. He validated the emotions most people felt at the time and directed them without caring if what he said was true or not ((Rush started with repeating cigarette company propaganda))

  4. Once fox news built up that mix of confirmation bias, being the friend in the car, and the narrative of the network being the rogue underdog, the loyalty they cultivated was theirs to command. For the loyal viewers, this often lead them to become far more close minded, irritable, and susceptible to anything fox wanted them to think.


Hmm maybe i hit a nerve or touched on something… Heres hoping!

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I’m just curious, but do you know the difference between ist, and ists?

Let’s start with that, and go from there. lmao. Because I asked you, who else
was throwing Rovey under the Bus, and you answered with me???
lol. You do realize that ists is more than one person correct, and that is what
you said. lol.

I’ll wait, because I didn’t mean to hit a nerve like you were failing, and trying to.

That was my mistake. Sure ill own up to that. Hows about continuing?

you’re proving my point for me. lol.

If people have to pay for Cable, and not the basic mainstream channels
such as ABC, CBS, NBC, then how is Fox News Mainstream, especially if people
are watching less cable? lmao!!!

You do realize that Fox News is on Cable correct, and you don’t get it for free.