In the last day or so, I have been getting repeatedly booted out of post creation mode

When I attempt to create a thread, I have been mysteriously getting booted out of draft mode. I can hit the “open draft” button and immediately return, but I have no idea what is going on. I only lose the last few words of what I was working on, but it is obviously very annoying.

There’s some sort of JavaScript refresh event that is triggering well after the page load events. Don’t have the motivation to debug it, tbh.

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That sounds about right. I noticed a couple times that it was refreshing to the previous page I was on, so it might be cached data about a page you were on a minute or two before and then refreshing to that.

Mostly an annoyance when writing replies.

I feel it had a role in why my phone’s battery drained so fast today.

@Snow96 @GWH

Wondering if the mods can speak to this disfunction at all, or are they in the dark about it like the rest of us are?

I called the man, Aunt Bee.

It just recently began to refresh for me too.

Happened today a few seconds into a video in a thread and restarted it. :expressionless:

I’ve noticed that too.

It seems like every time new thread from admin the forum hiccups.

Please! Pretty please!

It looks like it could be a problem with Pushnami…


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I think…maybe…I possibly…fixed it…per chance?

Or at least slowed the frequency.

It seems to have speeded up to me.

What did you do?

I do like the fact that spamming had stop, which should make it easier for others to get into the discussion.

Because I’ve noticed before new comers where responding to threads that was started by that spam but we don’t see it since we filtered it out.

Slowed it down. It still re-boots me although not as often.

Speeded it up.

Happens frequently… just now in fact.

This is ridiculous. Somebody call a high school kid to come fix this.

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LOL don’t we have any nerds here?

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Gotta be quick! Type fast!


All I do is open up another browser, go to the Hannity site and everything I wrote is there waiting for me.