In the last day or so, I have been getting repeatedly booted out of post creation mode

Lord knows that’s convenient. :unamused:

So, it just happened to me, and my anti - virus brought up the message below. I’m wondering if the site may be under some sort of attack.

Webroot says site is suspicious, likely contains malware. I’ll post from work since they likely have stronger protection than my personal computer, but not at home till this is fixed. Nice.

Horrible right now. Tried starting a thread 2 times and was booted out after several sentences typed, and I am a three finger wizard of 20 wpm.

If anything, its getting worse. When it first began, it was every few minutes. Now it sometimes occurs several times a minute.

It’s not intolerable on my desk top, but when I am on the iPad, it sometimes drops me way back in the thread when it finishes the refresh instead of where I was when it occurred. I almost cannot participate anymore on that device.

I have been booted several times today.

I find that if I have brought quoted text into the reply screen, the refresh returns me to the last save point (which I find happens pretty frequently enough.)

But if I am doing a reply in an empty edit box, the refresh just chops off the entire reply.

So I have taken to using WORD or Notepad to type up a post that starting with an empty edit screen. Then cut-and-paste into the edit screen and post it before the next refresh can happen.

Bold mine

Same here. I was getting tired of typing replies to only have to retype them when it refreshed.

If this something we can ever expect to be fixed, or is it just the future of the forum?

It’s no wonder that this board is dying.

Right Samm? I can’t even write a post. The last few days I type maybe 10 words and I lose everything.

They need to fix this thing or bring back the old platform. I am about to leave altogether since I can’t type a single post.

I hate repeating myself.

Today, when posting the page refreshes several times, once it eliminated a new topic in mid-post. Never happened before.

I wonder if any of this is related to the spam porn attacks we had a few weeks ago.

I think it is. Both @wanderingrover and I get notices that the site is suspicious/likely contains malware. Look above a few posts.

This is still happening even more frequently now. It’s getting extremely annoying. Maybe that is why it appears there are less people participating in this forum.

There are a number of reasons for why the board has less participation.

I really thought moving to the new forum software would breathe new life into the board but its obvious the webmasters responsible for this site have little interest.