New computer, problems with forums and other auto refreshing pages

So my hard drive crashed yesterday and I went out and got a new laptop. Took all night for back up files to load onto the new computer but now you can hardly tell it’s a different machine. As a side not, get online backup!!

Anyhow, both the old one and the new one are Windows 10 but they are acting differently. On the old one, when the Hannity forums refreshed the page to show new posts, the new posts just appeared without reloading the page.

On the new computer, when the Hannity forums refresh content, the entire page reloads and if I happen to be in the middle of typing a post it becomes highly disruptive and I usually lose about half the post (there it goes, just lost an entire sentence).

Anybody know what the difference is or what I can do to make this computer act like the previous one?

Arrrrgh. Just lost an entire post. It usually saves before I lose too much.

It’s not your computer. The forum has an issue. Here’s a post on the subject.

Ah, good to know thank you. Heh, funny timing.