In 2019 Trump was going to win big in 2020, but

No, that means I’m 0-2 in the two most recent national elections.

The modern era started with the end of the Baby Boom.

It is interesting that we can in no way verify that you’ve been right for forty years, but these latest two you just happened to be wrong. And on one way way way wrong.


II’m under no obligation to validate it for you either.

In two decades here I blew two and no it wasn’t by much at all with respect to Trump’s win. His was a squeaker and he only won it by picking the right states for an electoral win. He lost by 3 million votes in the general.

The one you were way way way off on was the 2018 election.


That’s yesterday’s news. The modern era is post internet


From the Johns Hopkins site the USA has recorded in excess of 45,000 deaths.

One in over 40 years. I can live with that.

Which is less than have died from the Flu this season and a quarter less than died in last year’s flu season.

A screaming success to this point.

Wasn’t he re-elected 3 times? That would make him a 4 term president. Simple maths.

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No, he only served two months and about 19 days of a his fourth term.

He was elected to serve 4 terms but only served 3 and a small fraction.

“Basic Maths”.

By this rationale, Kennedy was a zero term president.


With the support of hundreds of governors he cannot lose!

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Not quite but he certainly didn’t complete his one and only term. He was killed 1,036 days after inauguration, enough to be considered a full term for reelection purposes.

A true shame, the last decent democrat to hold the office.

That is why Johnson would have been eligible to serve two full terms after assuming the office should he have chosen to do so.

That means he was a 4 term president.

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No it certainly doesn’t.

With all these investigations into the human scum that attempted the coup with the Russian collusion hoax, I see motive how about you?

Of course it does; if it didn’t it would mean that JFK was a zero term president as he didn’t serve a full term.

Well, depending on the gambling, there is some differences between predictions on Elections and playing dice. Electoral predictions have a certain amount of available information that allows one to make informed, educated guesses. Virtually all signs in 2018 pointed to the Democrats reclaiming the House. Even to the point where Trump stopped campaigning for House candidates, and focused only on Senate elections. Because even there, they knew there was the possibility of losing the Senate, even in a year that was historically favoring the GOP because of which States had Senators up for re-election.

Unbiased analysis showed clearly the Democrats would take the House. Odds makers were very bullish on Democrats taking the House.

Who will win the midterm elections?

House of Representatives

The Democrats are 4-9 odds on favorites to win the House, according to bookmakers Coral.

The latest predictions show the Republicans only have a 13-8 chance of a majority.

And in an even less likely scenario, there is a 100-1 chance of there being no majority at all.

2 bad predictions out of the last 2 elections has you batting 0.000% in the Trump era of modern politics.



You are 0-for in the modern era, which is also the Trump era. Trump changed the game. It is amusing you cannot see that or recognize this reality.

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No. 190,000 Americans did not die last year from.the flu. Where did you even come up with that?