In 2019 Trump was going to win big in 2020, but

Okay Champ, if that makes you feel good.

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What wa the unforeseen? The fact that it happened? Barring something unforeseen requires an intervening event. What was that event?

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He threw it back to the governors despite having “The Power”.

This was deliberate.

Because if it works out, he’ll take all the credit for offering wise guidelines that the governors followed.

If it doesn’t he will blame the governors for resisting him.


Simply facts you find uncomfortable.

No single event, a series of events largely relating to poor candidates who self destructed which could not be foreseen in June/July when I posted that.

Everybody saw it in June/July.

Poll were pretty much in agreement predicting the Dems would retake the House.

It had nothing to do with “poor candidates who self destructed”.

It was never in doubt.

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Right and now we are in April and yet predictions are being made with the same conviction as they were then.

There was a near certainty that the Democrats were retaking the house in 2018. Your predictionameter is faulty.

Oh and by the way i think trump has a very good chance at being re elected.

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It’s always in doubt till the final vote count.

If it weren’t, Hillary and AlGore would have both
been president.

I’ve missed twice in the last four decades.

First with Trump defeating Hillary and second with the Dem’s in 2018.

That’s ridiculous. The result was exactly indicative of all of the polls leading up to it and all of the special elections in 2017 and 2018. Huge swings to Democrats in almost all races even the ones they lost. There was nothing unforeseen. You were just flat out wrong. And now again, can’t admit it. You based your prediction on what you wanted to happen.


Irrelevant. Early polls are meaningless.

Elections, national elections in particular are won on momentum in the last 60 days.

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Facts are still facts no matter who gets their feelings hurt.

So that means you are 0-for in modern politicking predictions. Trump changed the equation. Historical trends don’t matter near as much as they used to in this time. Also, you predicted a 4-6 seat GOP gain in the House when they lost 40. That’s not just a miss. That’s a gargantuan prediction failure. :rofl:


Actually I think he predicted a 4-6 seat pickup in the senate(still wrong) and that the Republicans would retain the house. Still way way way off on his part.


And Hillary still won the popular vote

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I would say trump is the most unpopular man in the country. He bsd his way through 16 but now hes got a record of being an overgrown child.

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Agreed, he still has his base firmly intact but it wasn’t the base that got him elected. It was the crossovers in swing states who don’t feel the same way they did 4 years ago.


I think you are right, and I was mistaken. Still, 0-for in the last 2 election predictions. And massively off in 2018, where the GOP did not retain the House, but lost in the largest electoral landslide for Democrats since Watergate.

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That is the nature of predictions and why I don’t gamble.

2 bad years out of forty, i’ll stand on that record.

I thought that what democrat governors wanted…to take away Trump powers over em?
And now you’re complaining that Trump gave them what they wanted?