In 2019 Trump was going to win big in 2020, but

The leftist media started hoping for a recession…
Hillary asked China to help Democrats win in 2020…
The media sought Xi to defeat Trump…
And voila…
A virus escapes from a Chinese lab and castrates the US economy and tanks the stock market.
What a coincidence.

October 2019. :joy::joy::joy:


Most world leaders are actually getting a boost in approval ratings despite the economic hardships. Trump’s approval ratings are only going down because he’s a narcissistic clown who’s in over his head.


Gosh, these exercises of gaslighting are one of the funniest features of this board.


“Most world leaders” being those that support the collapsing globalist agenda, and who are getting kid-gloved by the globalist-directed mainstream media outlets. Nationalist anti-globalist leaders are all getting hammered by their press.

If anything this outbreak and the way he’s handled it along with mitigating the economic damage from it is likely to produce an even bigger win.


That is a good possibility as Trump fights through the resurgence would be worse doom and gloom.


As long as Trump peddles the reasons listed in the OP, he’ll be fine.

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Lol its going to be huge.

Go ahead, you might as well laugh now because there’s not much chance you’ll still be laughing at 2 am once most of the votes are tallied and reported following election day.

You’re basing this on…oh yeah partisan hope.


No, I’m basing it on fifty years of observing, questioning, reading up on, and studying US politics.

Becoming “The Savior of The Country” with his depression era policies made Roosevelt our only 3 term president even after totally botching the first year of the war in The Pacific.

We were saved by a long series of bad calls by the Japanese, Divine intervention and Pure luck on our part and some fantastic seat of the pants actions and reactions by the Commanders from platoon level though The Admiralty.

So you’re basing it on nothing but your own biased opinion. Got it.

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No bias at all, I gave credit where it was due regardless of party even to Roosevelt.

Roosevelt was a 4 term president.

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3.12 term. He died in April 45 after being inaugurated in February.

OMG, you really do nit pick everything.

Can’t ever be wrong.


July 2018


I wasn’t wrong, you were, he didn’t serve even close to four terms.

He was dead 2 months and 19 days or so following his 4th inaugural.

You could have left it alone but no, you tried to prove something that wasn’t true and I fed it right back to you with the actual facts.

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And that “something unforeseen” came to pass, they didn’t retake the House but kept the Senate.