Progressivism beginning to resemble a religious cult bent on suicide -Tucker Carlson

Wow I really touched a nerve. 3 panicky verbose replies.


You may be able to pull off this shtick with people who don’t know any better. But those of us who do, know that the Executive branch is integral in the development of legislation. Actively involved in all pieces of legislation that is part of their agenda, and which they seek to have passed.

And this does not negate the point that Trump lied when he said that HE personally had a plan developed that would replace the ACA an be better and cheaper for everyone, ready to go on Day 1. Nor does this negate the reality that the “skinny repeal” and the plan that Trump helped negotiate and propose, was just Obamacare-lite and maintained about 95% of Obamacare. It was a joke.

Wait. Didn’t you just tell us that Congress writes the bills. The President only signs or vetoes? If that is the case, then the repeal of the mandate credit goes to Ryan and McConnell, not to Trump. Right?

And all repeal of the mandate did was ensure prices would be driven up higher. That is nowhere close to a repeal of Obamacare. Obamacare still exists in total. Just more expensive now.

It is amazing seeing how you buy into the stereotypes and fail to employ the tough task of critical thinking here. “The mandate repeal cut the heart out of Obamacare!” Get out of here with that propaganda nonsense. :rofl:

Baked Milky Way cake is even better.

We talking left, right, Donald, or all three?

And you should learn the difference between faint hope and a delusion.

Barring something unforeseen happening they’ll retain the house and gain 4-6 seats in the senate.

I don’t buy it. Trump support isn’t in the polls, just like election night. Many Democrats will cross over again, vote Republican because they want jobs etc to continue.

A dem win stops all that, reverses it.

That will win the election for the GOP.

I misread your reply. But I think they will do even better than just hold with a little increase. I think a super majority is possible, especially if the September-October surprise is an exposed coup attempt in declassified documents.

A lot could change between now and then to reverse the current trend but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

If they just hold the house it will be pretty historic since it’s a midterm during the POTUS first term in office.

Major scandals could still upset some of the races but as the polls show now it’s looking pretty good for the republicans.

Spoken like a true coastal democrat. Get ready for the Trump reelection. :grinning:

I think the Dems have way over played their hands both with gunning for Trump’s impeachment ever since election night and the daily sky is falling routine.

When the Mueller investigation falls flat their hopes are going to crash in flames like a reenactment of The Hindenburg.

Lots of laughs.

Thats was then; this is now.

I am sure I can find some people with McCain/Palin buttons drowning their sorrow. But that was then
this is now.


how bout the midterms. are you too delusional?


Your so called leads have gone bye bye. Looking good for the gop.

The current polls show republicans holding the house and gaining four in the senate if the election were held today.

The economy keeps improving.

Trump’s approval ratings keep climbing.

You? You can keep clinging to faint hope till the crying begins again in November.

Exactly. It will be a replay of election night 2016. Lots of left wing crying.

Our so called lead is still in effect.

when it is not I will be the first one on here telling you so.

Dems 222 reps 213.


You call 1 percent a lead? :rofl:

Typically, yes. What do you call being behind one percent? A lead?