Immigration bill thread

if comrade would enforce existing law, there’d be no problem

we don’t need this new garbage


They weren’t aiding us, we were aiding them.

We do if we want to win reelection.




What a ridiculous concept. Allow 5k illegals in and then cut it off. That sounds as stupid as california allowimg thieves to rob up to 5k dollars before prosecting them.


It must be dropping off because the only news stories I see are from December. It was about 10K a day.

They needed translators?

Agreed. It is amazing that you expect people to believe you without proof.

Personally I do not think we should have ever facilitated regime change but we did and many Afghanis risked their lives in helping us.

We will have to agree to disagree on this.

Or, it can be done short of new legislation. Do it, and let the courts decide. But that comes back to the truth of the matter. Democrats don’t want to stop it.
At this point, let the voters decide in November. If everything is still split politically, it may be necessary to accept a bill like this.


Why start at 5000? Start at one.

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The Senate’s bipartisan, 2024, tyrannical border bill

It is absolutely sickening that citizens of the United States in our Senate, would create a bill intentionally designed to help destroy the United States from within.


“We often give enemies the means of our own destruction.” – Aesop.


I agree it could be lower but you if I understand you correctly you are saying why have a threshold just put a temporary stop on asylum seekers and its a valid arguement. I suppose they want an ongoing mechanism that can pause asylum based on a number and not just presidential whim. Then again if I understand the legislation correctly it does not mandate asylum should pause just that it can be.

Bingo! There’s going to be 5,000 plus bodies, which then will supposedly trigger a shutdown (read the fine print - if the head of CBP deems it necessary), then thousands of more come over the next few days. The angry phony asylum seekers will then just rush past CBP and claim what is rightfully theirs!

Which is a complete lie! Biden is and has been a pathological liar his entire political career.

Under Obama if 1000 crossed a day it was considered a crisis, under Biden they are setting the crisis level to 4-5k a day for a week before it’s a crisis. The cartels will just set the illegal crossings to a lower threshold maybe 3900 a day which still is overwhelming the border.

No one is fooled by Biden. They all know he’s doing this because he’s getting destroyed in the polls. He’s now waited too late to try and shift to the center, no one believes he cares about the border. The bill is DOA an should be ripped up and burnt. Democrats should stick to healthcare and let republicans deal with the border.


Why not secure our border than we talk how many can come in?


approx 1,800,000 which beats 2,500,000 (the number of migrirants encountered in 2023) by a lot.


What needs to be stopped is this notion that people can go “country shopping” for all their phony asylum seeking needs. This bill does NOTHING to address that.