Immigration bill thread

I didn’t see a thread on this - sorry if I missed it.

The immigration bill is out.

So if the level of crossings are about half current levels the border is shut down and anyone crossing is summarily deported. Seems like a good idea.

I like this:

The tens of thousands of Afghans brought to the U.S. after the fall of Kabul in 2021 would be offered permanent American residency. Right now, many of them only have temporary permission to live and work in the U.S. The agreement would create a new refugee category to evacuate and resettle Afghans abroad who assisted the U.S. military.

I like this:

The standard to pass preliminary asylum interviews, known as credible fear screenings, would be raised in an attempt to weed out those who are not fleeing persecution or torture earlier on in the process. Migrants would also be ineligible for asylum if officers determine that they could have relocated to a different part of their home country to avoid being persecuted.

SotH is calling it DOA.

What are the complaints?

What is 5,000 x 365?


If migrant crossing can and will be cut off when 5000 a day is reached, then why isn’t migrant crossing cut off when 1 is reached? This is an admission that it can be done but isn’t being done.
Billions for benefits when they cross over? No way.

This bill needs to be recaptioned the “Attract the Migrants Act”.

Any Senator who votes for this has explaining to do, regardless of party.


Why not just say that you think the daily limit is too high?

I do find it hard to get my head around that anyone truly seeking asylum would enter the country illegally and then retroactively request asylum.

It doesn’t do enough on enforcement. That’s why it’s being called DOA.

Reforming the system is only half the battle. New enforcement techniques must be included to pass a big compromise immigration bill.


A lot.

But if it hits an average of 5K a day, it will result in virtually no one else coming in until levels drop 75%.

So your question is moot.

Why not worry about your own posts.


I mean why? They have nothing to lose by trying.

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Lol okay, when you take your own advice I will.


The democratic position is, it can not be done legally short of legislation.

I think negotiating on the ultimate level is fair. It could be lower.

How will it be enforced? They building new fences and walls and increasing the border patrol?

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Automatic expulsion if daily levels are too high. Increasing the threshold for asylum claims. Rejection of asylum if they could move to other parts of their home country.

It’s the same as without the bill. You’re being gaslighted.

And if it’s 4900? 4752? If it’s 5001 on Monday, what happens on Tuesday?



What would Socrates Do?


Check the bill. I think it’s a 7 day moving average, or a single day over 8,500.

So either an average of about half of current levels, or a single day lower than current levels.

IOW, if it passes, the border gets shut down immediately and every person encountered gets deported.

What level would you prefer?

Exactly. An asylum seeker coming to the US who enters the country illegally can hardly claim they were scared to claim asylum. Why bother coming to the US if you did not think it was safe.

With this unprecedented movement of people globally a different approach is needed to political asylum seekers. And yes I accept there may come a point when the US has to say no to asylum seekers.

As a side noteI do think its reprehensible that those from Afghanistan who aided the US, UK and other countries have not been given permanent residence.

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I did check it. It’s not half. It’s the same number as without the bill.

Quotas are stupid.


You are saying right now there is a law that says if the average encounters of 5K a day the border can be closed?


How many “encounters” are there a day right now?