I'll admit it, I really thought all the widespread voter fraud stuff was just nonsense


Cite one instance of my saying it is widespread.


The odds are irrelevant. You asserted it doesn’t happen and in fact we both know it does.


oh rose, i dont care


oh it has to be a little of both. because how could rose ever be wrong?


Can’t tell them that if it was easy to catch or discover, it would not happen at all. Catching 2 instances, actually their other cases, highlights just how hard it is to catch, especially if it occurs by insiders. The only way to learn the truth, or get close to the truth, is to go door to door. But even that may not give you an accurate picture. But its really funny the denial coming from the very camp that believes the manufacturers of the electronic voting machines rig the machines in advance.


Then don’t make claims about me you can’t support.


We already know this.


Can we please just have one thread where he gets to be right about everything? He’d probably retire.


Just watch how magic votes will appear in the close races…


I’ll do whatever I want.


Didn’t only, like, five states share their voter rolls? I’m pretty sure there’s more red states than that.


Isn’t it amazing how despite having it explained to you directly, repeatedly, that there have long been SYSTEMS in place to prevent votes being cast (or such votes counted) by persons not eligible to vote, you remain blithely ignorant? How do you do it?


No, you’re not registered to vote merely by getting a CA ID. Stop listening to the Cratics of the world.


WHy do you keep repeating this lie? You know it’s not true, or at least I know it’s been explained to you that it’s not.


It’s easy when you’re not a sheeple but you just keep buying what’s being sold, like a good one.


By “you’re not a sheeple” you mean you pull it out of your ass. I.e., you make it up out of whole cloth, ignore the factual evidence, then claim superior knowledge. That’s a neat party trick.


Oh you’re so baaaaaaaa, baaaaaaaa, baaaaaaaaaad.


Instead of the you-think-clever drivel, you could try explaining why you keep repeating the lie that California driver’s license applicants are automatically registered to vote.


This is from Snopes;
The law requires that applicants under the Motor Voter Act attest that they meet all voter registration requirements, but critics maintain that the law “lacks the necessary safeguards to keep noncitizens off the voter rolls.” Although those critics fear that undocumented residents may slip through the loopholes and becomes registered to vote, it’s not accurate to say that California has made it “legal” for undocumented residents to vote.

Potential voters “have to demonstrate proof of age, the vast majority of time people are showing a birth certificate or a passport, which also reflects citizenship. That’s arguably more secure than someone checking a box under penalty of perjury,” Padilla said.

Why not make that a requirement? If it’s the “vast majority”, that means that it isn’t always…thus…what I said is accurate.