I'll admit it, I really thought all the widespread voter fraud stuff was just nonsense

And as usual, I WAS ■■■■■■■ RIGHT!! :+1:

I’m sure Trump and his moronic minions will soldier on with their ridiculous claims and attempts to suppress the votes of minorities though.

But the important thing here is that I WAS ■■■■■■■ RIGHT! :rofl:



Not surprising . Lib states hid their records from the investigation team.

Now they crow “NO FRAUD FOUND”.

Isn’t it amazing how in all facets of life, there’s theft, dishonesty, fraud, lying, corruption but…not when it comes to voting In this one area, everyone is pure.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how many reports come out saying there is no wide spread voter fraud. Republicans will never believe them.

So your ignoring the word “widespread”.

Spoken like good little Trumpbots

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Donald won the election in the greatest landslide in US history, probably the world. And his inauguration crowd was the largest in US history.

He’s also got very large hands.

Spoken like someone with enough experience in life that can point out bull feces when he hears it. Now…moo for me.

So many formerly good posters have just gone completely off the reservation in order to keep the cognitive dissonance coming from their support of Trump at bay.

It’s sad, really.

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:rofl: Yeah, because of course there really is widespread voter fraud. Trump won the true popular vote by almost 10 million, right chief?

I don’t disagree with you at all, but your use of the phrase “cognitive dissonance” made me cringe a bit, considering Alfie’s over/misuse of it.

Yes…difference is, I used it correctly.


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There, there…do ya feel better yet little boy because ya lost an election? One day, you’ll get over it but until then, you’re good for a laugh. Thanks.:rofl:

On the contrary, it’s Donald Trump’s fragile ego being unable to deal with the fact 3 million more Americans wanted Hillary for President that brought on this foolish “5 million illegals voted” claim.

It wasn’t enough to win the election. No- he had to be “liked” well enough so he had to invent a story to claim he also won the popular vote.

What I don’t understand is why so many Trump supporters feel the need to have to sacrifice their own personal integrity to try and prop up Trump’s fragile ego for him.


The penalty for voting fraudently is a felony, with possible stiff fines and jail time.

The ROI is simply not there to commit voter fraud.

And once again, you ignore study after study of empirical evidence that in person voter fraud is incredibly rare, by Republican administrations, and using math, does not effect election results.

But, it sure feels like ot does…so screw the evidence.

This, is why you can be labeled ignorant.


The heck with Trump. This problem of illegal voting has been going on for a long time. You’re registered to vote when you get a driver’s license in California. Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding me?

So tell me…why doesn’t the serious penalties for crimes, eliminate crime altogether? Why isn’t this a perfect world?

That has proven to be false multiple times, repeating this falsehood does not make it true.


Wat is the ROI for voting fraudently?

What is the ROI for stealing something of great value?
The old meme, “Why do you rob banks? 'Cause that is where they keep the money!”

Now crimes of passion or violence are quite different.

But again…look at the evidence.

If there was a decent ROI for voting fraudelntly, maybe people would. But there isn’t, so they don’t.

One either trusts the scientific approach of utilizing epirical eveidence, or one sticks with their gut instinct instead.

It is pretty obvious where you are.