I'll admit it, I really thought all the widespread voter fraud stuff was just nonsense


100% true.


How in the free world can having an ID “disenfranchise the disabled and minorities”? How? It’s total BS.


This is what real vote fraud looks like…



What was the fraud? What ever it is, if there is fraud, I don’t care which side it’s on…I want it stopped and perps punished severely. That’s why I want a voter ID. I want an election process that’s free from fraud. If the average citizen ever loses hope in the integrity of our system, this nation is finished as “we” know it.



Keep us posted as things turn ugly. If there’s a crime, do the time.


Decided to dig into this further…

Here are images of the petition to add Brown to the ballot…

On page 7, you will see the name Richard Cake who lives at 1609 Westerfield and signed on 6/9/18…

Only one problem with this signature… Richard died on 4/6/2018…


Heather Guillot, the person who signed the petition, is a paid campaign worker for Scott Taylor…


I read that the signature was of a dead person. You’d really have to ask yourself how/why they didn’t think they’d get caught?


And others are coming out…


This is the kind of corruption that should upset all of us…regardless of political affiliation. It threatens our national security IMO.


You’ll have to ask them, we know they have been caught doing so even in our own state.

An absentee ballot also requires you sign an affidavit of authenticity which is attached to the cover sheet that is verified against your voter registration signature.

Add fingerprint verification to that and problem solved.


Great point… how many prosecutions for voter fraud have their been in Texas in say the last 10 years?


Enough to show it happens.


Give us a number… Texas has been in GOP hands for well over a decade… Just the past 10 years, how many prosecutions? (You and I both know the answer but one of us is avoiding posting the number…)


I haven’t counted nor am I inclined to. The fact we have had both prosecutions and convictions of in person voter fraud at the polls proves that it does occur.


Come on WildRose… The number is easy enough to find, after all, it’s been cited in every voter id lawsuit for the past few years… Just look it up and post it…


Then post it yourself.

One is all it takes to prove that it happens.


Two convictions out of 20 million votes…

Your odds of getting hit by lightning are higher…


oh that has to hurt…just 2…But rose said it was so widespread.


Now, now… It’s always possible that the Abbott and Perry administrations have been so incompetent that they were unable prosecute more widespread fraud but then that’s brings up the question of their competency in enforcing the laws of the state… kind of a double edged sword…