If there is a next debate

Is it time to dump the Covid talk? What Covid questions have not already been asked 1000 times? What’s the point? Hearing the same thing over and over is like being forced to watch a bad Adam Sandler movie every day for a month. There is nothing new here to to talk about. We need to cover more diverse topics.


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I agree. Covid is the best thing that has happened to the democratic party since Watergate.

Ah… more dishonesty of the real issue…

Anything to deny trumps incompetence…

Then ya boy should have taken it more seriously.


Can’t talk about failure I guess.

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It was handed to Donald as a defining moment to lead.

Instead, Fiddling February, gone in the heat of April, Free Michigan, mocking masks, talking over the doctors at pressers, his own workplace becomes hot spot.

Speaking of dishonesty. Why didn’t you answer this question?

What Covid questions have not already been asked 1000 times? What’s the point?

200,000 dead bodies are useful tools, even if they aren’t the 2 million that could’ve been. :man_shrugging:

Apply that to literally anything else.

Hillary’s emails.




I’m not applying anything. I’m looking for an answer to this question.

What Covid questions have not already been asked 1000 times? What’s the point?


I know. When I have lost an argument, I want to change the subject too. But the problem is the COVID crisis is ongoing. It isn’t over, so we need to continue to debate our response to the virus until the election and then probably into the next year. Hopefully, this will start subsiding in 2021.

Mod to Donald Trump - Back in March, you claimed the virus would disappear in April with the warmer weather, like a miracle. We are in October and there is no end in sight. Why did you make such a comment without any scientific knowledge to back up your claim."

What Covid question do you have that hasn’t been brought up 1000 times. I’ll wait.

Nope. This has already been said 1000 times. You want to take up debate time to say it 1001 times?


That’s the point

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Where do we go from here? What are the next steps when the virus explodes back to the forefront in November like we are seeing in Wisconsin? Is this a state issue or a federal issue?

The answer can change votes.

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I just now heard Donald say he has the CURE for covid, and he is making it available to everyone FOR FREE.

I want to ask him about that, don’t you?

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False, he has never been asked that specific question to answer at the debate.

True. But at this point it’s just boring. Like a broken record. All questions have been asked again and again and again. The opportunity for Covid immunity is right around the corner. When that happenes we will be stuck with whatever polices we ignored during the debates.