I thought Obama was smarter than this

He’s talking out both sides of his face now…

Of all the things we as a state may owe penance for, turning back the St. Louis and the like ranks relatively low on the list.

I disagree.

Just on the topic of recognizing genocides, it only took us a couple of years to acknowledge the holocaust. We even did it while it was still happening, and raised an army against it.

The ones where I live are way more concerned about the eleven people massacred in synagogue a couple years ago.

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We knew.

The army wasn’t raised against the holocaust.

By a White male

We’ve known that the Ottomans killed half the Armenians in Eurasia for a hundred years.


Bad things happen there.

I think a basic glance through world history will demonstrate that bad things happen everywhere.

The only difference is which ones you care about, and which you don’t.

Ok. Have a nice night.

I seem to remember race relations starting to take a major nose dive starting with the Trayvon Martin case. Interesting enough it was the first time I had heard the term white Hispanic used after the media realized Zimmermann wasn’t white. The cities were burning from Fergusson to Charlotte before Trump put his name in the hat for president. I will agree he didn’t help put the flames out but they were stoked before he got there.

This is the culture that the Democratic party now tolerates.


Anti-Israel (anti-Zionism in its non-pejorative sense) versus anti-Semitism.

Contrast and compare.

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Obama is stupid… He caused the return of slavery in Libya. Most dems seem to love him for it…


You may be capable of a nuanced position, but there’s no longer any distinction in the minds of the leftists that physically attacked American Jews during Israel’s recent spat with Hamas.

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Your party walks this line! Middle East policy isn’t complete till Israel is destroyed!

BLM said Middle East peace won’t be achieved till Israel is destroyed!

Your party won’t rest till Israel as a nation is destroyed. Some just hide it better than others.

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Lol whut?