I Predict Biden Will be Replaced Before the Election

the laptop was REAL

Russian disinformation?

It would be perfect to have Biden replaced after the dem primary elections. That would mean the dems would be stealing their own elections. And since the rank and file and media would not complain, it would be like they are admitting how stupid they are as dem voters…

The only real disinformation came from the 50+ “former” intel operatives.

The intel community was protecting their future puppet-in-chief while smearing Russia at the same time.

So much imagination.

More likely!!! They can’t even come up with a high crime or misdemeanor to sell to the American people.

But totally an unindited co conspirator

Unindicted coconspirators are described in the indictment not in someone’s vivid imagination

I am going to come up with this thing and how stupid the dems are for doing this thing i imagined they did.

What is Biden talking about needing F-15’s to fight a civil war?


You’re a lawyer for goodness sake!

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Indictments are frequently secret for years.

Biden may already be indicted or an unindicted co-conspirator.

Real insurrections require buffalo horns . . .

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The DNC rigged the 2016 primaries to screw Bernie and give Hilary the nomination.

Sanders was on track to get the nomination in 2020 and Biden was barely in the race until Democrat donors ordered most of the other candidates to drop out.

This year the DNC rigged everything to protect Biden.

The last thing that Democratic leaders want is actual democracy.

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If half of a country wants a senile old fool to rule the World another 4 y…that is not silly, my dear.
Even a ham sandwitch can be considered a good candidate.
My favorite would be Pe We Herman…I mean…
if we’re going to be ridiculous let’s do a GOOD job while at it.

I know :man_facepalming: i kept typing it too.

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So more imagination. Okie :joy:

What was rigged this year?