I know I am Conservative but Anti-vaxxers are starting to piss me off

More “unintended” consequences.

Summary, they have a big shortage of bus drivers because they fired people who wouldn’t get vaccinated and are now calling in the guard, who don’t have to get vaccinated until June of 2022. Smart.


Your link says nothing at all about firing any drivers, nor does this one:

And that’s funny, because we’re in a rural part of the Commonwealth, and there is not only no school bus driver shortage in this town, we parents were being strongly encouraged to get our kids on the bus to alleviate traffic outside the middle & high school.

The shortage in your link is Boston area, which is an hour away from here, and where are any involuntary terminations mentioned in it? HELP WANTED signs are staying up forever up here.

Here is another state with a bus driver shortage, and there not only is no proof anyone was fired, union reps are mentioning nothing at all about masks or vaccinations or lack of such requirements as a solution:

Someone please find me some involuntary terminations here:

Extra UI that never should have been offered, fear of contracting this novel form of an old virus, retirement…can’t seem to find those dismissals.

And really, are any workers not wanting a COVID-19 vaccination having a cow because their kids must either have medical exemption or show proof of MMR? DPT? Heptovax B?

They probably just take the kids for shots, yet they as grown men & women want to opt out. Let ‘em find jobs that can be done out of the privacy of their homes.

This board has had a few anti-vaxxers on it over the years, but hey, they were pretty consistent about their beliefs, not cherry picking. I’m with Howard Stern & the OP. These cherry picking anti-vaxxers are really starting to piss me off.

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Missed this?

The announcement comes amid a nationwide shortage of school bus drivers due to the ongoing pandemic, battles over masks and vaccines.

It says there’s a shortage of bus drivers—not that their employment was involuntarily terminated.

How do workers who have until October 17 to show proof of vaccination or exemption find themselves fired en masse now?

I wasn’t a fan of Governor Baker’s lockdowns, nor allowing Planned Parenthood to perform abortions during lockdowns, but this vaccination policy, which even allows for religious exemptions, is pretty reasonable, IMNSHO, considering unvaccinated COVID-19 patients are the bulk of patients filling ICU beds.

It remains to be seen how many workers, bus drivers or otherwise, will suddenly get religious.

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Here’s more:

Looks like part of the objection is the base of the vaccination being aborted fetus.

However, it appears they were offered a second choice of weekly testing.

It’s just like the fired nurse in RI who refused both a flu shot and a mask, saying the latter gave her headaches.

These fired individuals maybe should work from the privacy of their homes if they really don’t wish to be bothered with masks, vaccinations or testing. Many jobs since COVID-19 have become telecommuted from home.

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Maybe those too afraid to enter into society should be the ones staying home.

In none of these instances with vaccination mandates being challenged was a second viable option not offered—medical exemption religious objection. Michigan is now offering proof of exposure as vaccine exemption. Weekly testing.

Those who cannot accept any of those options should try for a job that can be telecommuted. As pointed out by the O P, patients with other treatable problems are being crowded out by COVID+ patients who are largely unvaccinated.

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Why dont you make sure they can’t trade or enter businesses also. Make sure they cannot leave their homes.

That’ll teach them to defy the almighty govt.

Better to have covid carries driving kids to school I guess…

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Conservatives: People making minimum wage should go find another job if they don’t like what they are being paid.

Also Conservatives: People should be allowed to change the terms of their employment rather than having to go out and find a new job.

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Did you miss the part about the guard not having to get the vaccine until June of 2022? I mean you quoted it.

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Did you miss the part that June of 2022 is because many Guard personnel are remote drilling and not drilling in person.

However the Guard that is being called up for bus duty will not be remote and instead will be in person and all have to be trained in vehicle operation and will be required to comply with applicable health and safety standards of bus drivers.


Immigrants are exempt from Covid vacations.

They are being dropped into communities all over the United States.

With every mutation being disregarded.

Why the mandate for American’s but not immigrants?

What do you think will happen when the mutations make the vaccine worthless?


How do you know they aren’t only using vaccinated guard members?

Why do you assume they are?

Probably because the Governor said as part of the call up that they will be required to comply with health and safety standards.


Yep. The shortage is primarily because driving a bus full of disease factories is hazardous at the best of time regardless of Covid. Even if vaccinated people were immunized against the disease (which they are not) the majority of school bus passengers are too young to get vaccinated.