"I Have A Dream!" Martin Luther King Jr


nice try at twisting the truth like a tornado


who said anything about race (besides you)?


who selected “just one item?”

lol. man. the flailing left…


that dude isn’t on the left, and who are you to narrow his legacy?


I’m not a leftist. I’m of the right.

I am just not a movement conservative. I support actual conservative positions like reducing the scope of the federal government, the right to bear arms, and the promotion of free enterprise.


where did i narrow any legacy?


Right here, buddy


that is not narrowing his legacy lol.



You’re discounting one of the central pillars of his fight, friend.


You don’t know anything about my attitude. Again you calling me a victim further proves why MLK did what he did. I seems like being a “victim” is simple talking about racial inequities or micro inequities. If that is the case, MLK is a victim and so am I.


I love how our forum members of color post like they are the only ones who can understand MLKjr. And yet … if they knew their history, that would know that during his lifetime there was no consensus among black civil rights leaders on the man or his methods. In essence, the ignorance shown here regarding this fact is a disrespect for the man.


Dude…stop. You are so full of it.

FTR…not only I know brother King and his evolution, but I know my history very well American, Jamaican and beyond. You sir as always perpetrate a fraud for political points.


What she is calling for is not civil disobedience.


After Giuliani violated the Constitution.


What’s your favorite? Mine is the street sweeper.



First, he would have spanked you for calling yourself Jamerican. After that, he would have asked you why you support a party that kills in massive numbers unborn black children. Then he would have told you that whoever is running America’s cities are the enemy of black people… either by intention or because they are fools.


30,000 people is not rural.


You think King wouldn’t use Trump to further The Cause?


I guess you don’t know the government cut off their water.


What does that mean?