"I Have A Dream!" Martin Luther King Jr


which side had an armed stand off with the federal government last year?


they even dress like their own military.


Only a bunch of White people can take over a Federal building via armed force and be found not guilty.


keep your pools of HIV body fluids. Libs are filth.


We use our HIV body fluids to turn the frogs gay. You can’t escape it.


Not guilty of what?


You are clearly proud.


Yes, and pride cometh before the fall into the urine.


His dream died when democrats became the party of identity politics and revenge.


His dream is carried by Liberals… not conservatives.


The only liberals left are republicans and a few libertarians. They certainly have no home in the modern era of democratic progressiveness.


So it’s Republicans who support racial/ethnic/sexual diversity? It’s Republicans who advocate for equal protection under the law? It’s Republicans who love immigrants, even if they come from 3rd world countries?

What exactly is it about the Republican Party that screams “inclusion”? MLK never advocated for “color blindness”. He wanted people not to be judged by the color of their skin, however it doesn’t mean he didn’t want people to respect and identify with someone’s identity and culture (which skin color can be a part).

I, for one, don’t want to be judged because I am black. I however do want white people to understand that because I am black, I have inherent disadvantages in this society. I want them to work with me to make this place better for all.


It’s conservatives who support equal rights, not the asinine “diversity” meme you folks have been saddling us with for the last few decades.


The perpetual vicitim mentality is your only “disadvantage in society”.

Wash the identity politics from your thinking and join the rest of us who don’t care what race you are instead of projecting race into everything as an excuse for failure.


Your world doesn’t exist. Sorry.

One can identify disadvantages and not have a victim mentality.


I’ll mark you down as someone who believes you (white people) are burdened with diversity.


I’m mixed race and I see minorities of every color exceed mightily in this country every day.

Lose the racial victim mentality and you too can succeed.


“Diversity” leads to Balkanization just as we see in this country today. It does nothing to pull us together as a country and does the exact opposite.


And you wonder why Republicans don’t have more of the brown vote lol. Calling us victims. Lol.

Btw I am very successful, despite the racial disadvantages. No one sees my success when I walk into a store, they see my skin color first.

You wouldn’t know crap about what it is like to be brown in this country, nor do you sseek to understand and help.


You aren’t a victim, that’s the whole point. You have however a racial victimhood mentality that your party feeds, preys, and relies upon to to keep your vote.

Over half my family is “brown” including my wife, so once again you have no idea what you are talking about.

If anything it isn’t your race that gets you negative impressions in public, it’s your attitude.