"I Have A Dream!" Martin Luther King Jr

Do you think that if Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today that he would support what Maxine Watters told activists to do? Do you think that he would support the far left Liberal activist groups that spew so much hate and cause so much violence?

Think about this; The Honorable Dr. King himself promoted equality through NONVIOLENCE.
If you don’t believe me, I implore you to think for yourselves, and to look it up.
Simply type Martin Luther King Jr. into a search engine, and click on Wikipedia or other credible links such as .org or .edu websites. The Democrat Party, don’t want you to be able to think for yourselves. They want to make those decisions for you. Will you listen to them? Or think for yourselves?

Maxine Waters promotes violence? I don’t think she told anyone to physically attack anyone.

Also if MLK were alive today cons would hate him. Although he preached change through non violence, cons were still against him every step of the way. It’s not about violent vs nonviolent protesting… it’s the fact that cons hate social progress… not matter how peaceful the message is.


So Democrat cities are examples of social progress?

Look at what you are really supporting.

You act like crime and bad things don’t happen in conservatopia.

I live in one of the most conservative cities in America and deal with the same kind of ■■■■ that happens anywhere else. How is that possible if its the policies that create the problems?

Democrats run the cities.

I live in Colorado Springs, CO. It has a Republican mayor and 7 of 9 city council member are Republicans…along with the County Sheriff and the vast majority of the judges on our bench.

Democrats DON’T run my city, and yet all the same problems exist here that exist other places. How is that possible?

Along with those actually IN government, those in the area that have the greatest political influence also tend to skew extremely conservative.

This place is home to one of the largest church congregations in the country (New Life Church), and home to two of the largest Christian organizations in the country (Focus on the Family and the Navigators).

It is hardly run by liberals, and yet the same problems exist here as anywhere. Why is that if its the policies that create the problems?

Try again. Both Maxine waters and Booker were telling protestors they need to do what they have to do. Plus let’s listen to the sound of silence coming from the liberals as their mob goes after people. It’s disgusting. A bad case of sore loseritis.

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King’s dream was that one day we’d judge people by their character and not the color of their skin. People still aren’t judged by their character but by one’s “feelings” towards them. It’s a strange world we now live in. I wonder if King’s dream of yesterday has become…today’s Twilight Zone?

Most Conservatives DID resist Dr. King. We don’t have to imagine it.

Also socialism and reparations. Conservatives, when attempting to co-opt him, tend to forget that.

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I see MLK Jr. is back on the conservative train this morning.

Detroit was such a success.

It’s amazing what happens to cities built on a single industry when free market forces disrupt that industry.


King’s dream went far beyond that. And conservatives would be rightfully terrified if they really understood what he wanted.

Conservatives pick that one line out of one speech. It’s like everyone forgets about his promotion of affirmative action, his desire for wealth distribution (to both poor blacks and poor whites), housing reform, pro labor stances, among other things that the right is opposed to and most of which I don’t even support.


San Francisco.

yep, San Francisco is rotting because literally so many people want to live and work there that they can’t all find housing, driving home prices through the roof.

Just like Detroit.

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The Evolution of Dr. King

I found the link above to be interesting.

On a separate note… not directly related to the link…
One needs to separate the goals and the means to those goals in MLKJR’s vision. I think his goal was the the famous “dream”. The fact that he may have believed that certain specific actions by the government were the means to the end goal is a separable issue. What this country DID do to reduce the racial divide would have pleased MLKJR. A redistribution of wealth did in fact occur. So we did it. Yet, it has not produced what MLKJR envisioned.

Why? Because no one values what they dont work for. No one can develop the inner strength to achieve when taking handouts is easier. And Democrats know this. Democrats NEED TO KEEP THE BLACK MAN DOWN in order to get votes. One of the Democrats’ worst nightmares is a successful black community. Such communities cant be bound by the economic chains that Democrats use to oppress black people.

If MLKJR were alive today, he would see the Democrat trickery for what it is and break from it, eliminating the victimhood that it encourages. It would be day one of a hundred year struggle to eliminate black oppression in the US.

Sounds like social cancer. Is that your idea of utopia?