"I Have A Dream!" Martin Luther King Jr


Here lib… try this out for size.

“Negroes nurture a persisting myth that the Jews of America attained social mobility and status solely because they had money. It is unwise to ignore the error for many reasons. In a negative sense it encourages anti-Semitism and overestimates money as a value.”

Martin Luther King Jr
Black Power Defined, 1967

Keep trying lib. You post your revisionist nonsense and I’ll post his quotes.


Agreed, Rudy stretched the law but it’s hard to argue the results.


You’ve been displaying that attitude for as long as you’ve been posting here and once again, read the words I actually used. You are not a victim, you’ve just had that mentality instilled in you by the DNC and their cohorts.

MLK on the other hand actually was a victim and so were many others in that era who fought for equality among the races.


“Stretched the law”. That’s putting it ridiculously mildly.

I don’t want to live in a police state - already did it. No thanks.


Thank you for the fine uplifting story. I value you and your contributions. You’re an awesome person!


I am putting it mildly, but then again I lived in NYC at the time and the benefits were real.


First of all, I’m not negating by jamaican heritage. Secondly I’m personally against abortion. I may vote for dem candidates from time to time, but a full blown supporter I’m not.
Thirdly and once again you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.

Lastly, you still don’t know crap about my frat brother.


You would talk about King exactly like Waters or Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson if he were around today.


Better yet, just like that Bronx bartender chick y’all all heated up about.


No it is you who don’t understand.

I may not be sprayed by fire hydrant hoses but that doesn’t mean I am treated as equals in today society. Your argument would sound the same if you were in Jackson Mississippi in 1965 talking to a black person

“Look you aren’t a victim, you’ve had that mentality instilled in you by liberals! Look at Nat Turner (insert slave here), he was the real victim with real problems”


Sure but he is the vessel


You aren’t a victim and until you can get over that kind of thinking you’ll never advance in life.


Advance? At 33 I am a director of cyber security at a major consulting company. I think I am advancing fairly well.

This might be a surprise to you, but one can think black people still face racism and not let that hold me back. Like I said earlier I am successful despite the cards against me.

MLK was highly successful and influential while talking about racial inequality. So was Booker T and Fredrick Douglas. Were they whining? Brainwashed?


There’s a lot more to advancing in life than a job title.

Those men were actual victims living in a time of rampant institutional racism and being considered by most as being something less than fully human.

You haven’t seen legal institutional racism during your lifetime and in fact have grown up and gotten educated in an era where there have been all sorts of advantages to being a minority.

You aren’t a victim but you can’t shake the victim mentality.


Did MLK have a victim mentality, if so, why? If not, why? After all he didn’t have the type of racism experienced by Nat Turner, Fredrick Douglass, or many other slaves pre 1865.


No, he was a man of his times and had the mentality of hope and healing.

This was of course in spite of the fact that he was born and raised during the Great Depression, Jim Crow WWII, Korea, and the beginning of the Vietnam era and the most vicious and insidious forms of institutional racism of the post civil war era.

You on the other hand weren’t even born yet when institutional racism was outlawed and benefited from all of the programs intended to remedy the wrongs of the past.


What white man would you prefer to be treated like?


I am just as hopeful as MLK was, I wouldn’t even be on this forum if I wasn’t. I am hopeful that I can change some people’s minds about the black experience in this country. Not to make them feel bad about their whiteness, after all no one in this forum owned slaves, but to help them understand my experience and respect that it is different.

If I am a victim because I wasn’t born in an era of more prevalent institutional racism, then by your definition so was MLK vs Nat Turner, so was Nat Turner compare to Slaves who had to endure slave ships.


I don’t want to be white, I want to remain black but be treated as equals. Seems like a legit goal, right?


Equal to who? Me? You want to be treated the way I have been treated?