I Agree With This Man

When people feel the risk no longer outweigh the penalties they will revolt.

Eyes on the prize.

No broken hospitals.

As in China, are the majority dying over 80, followed by those between 70 & 80, then by those over 60?

Is the average age of mortality in the west still around 75, with the gap between men & women closing?

Might those in those age groups not have died without COVID 19?

First world problems

Cops just busted up what was called a Corona party in Ewing NJ. 47 people and a DJ was stuffed in a 550 square foot one bedroom apartment. I guess he really meant it when he called it a corona party.

Now I can understand if a few friends want to get together and have a BBQ with drinks in someone’s backyard, but this is just something else.

Not cool.

Those cops must have pretty angry.

This is why it’s so hard to stop the spread. The moron quotient.


Everyone knows their is a risk of the virus spreading by essential workers but they need to keep going so the infrastructure does not collapse. Its a calculated risk.

But if you want to be completely selfish and make non essential trips then that is a decision you will have to live with.

But he beat the brakes off my dad in a karate tournament in the 70s so how bad can he be.

It’s been two weeks. I’ve purposefully sat on my ass in between jobs longer than this.

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—^ Doesn’t understand exponential growth.

I’m amazed by the number of people who think that armed insurrection is an appropriate response to a plague.

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if you can avoid making personal insults maybe you can try answering the question


He’s saying that you are not comprehending that uncontrolled the virus can kill way more people than the typical flu season (people also should refrain from acting like we shouldn’t act to reduce flu deaths… the flu can kill millions of people uncontrolled)

A week ago a little over 40 deaths were attributed to the virus, in the last 24 hours over 500 deaths were attributed to it… if we do nothing at all to prevent or reduce the speed of the spread there can be thousands of extra deaths per day.

Also, keep in mind, one of the things that keep the death rate relatively low for viruses is medical treatment. Without modern medicine and modern medical care, the mortality rate would be several times higher. That’s why everyone talks about “flattening the curve” so people can get appropriate medical treatment which will result in virus being way less deadly then it would be otherwise.

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“Oh it’s just the flu” — Said unironically even though the Spanish Flu killed 50 million people.

People really, really need to stop acting like the flu is some joke of a disease.

The medical community is trying to save lives, it’s not a democratic conspiracy.

Keep in mind this is a fast spreading virus. Regardless of how deadly it is, it’s enough to hospitalize a lot of people quick. If our hospitals are overrun then the staff is over worked. Then any emergency whether or not related to the virus becomes more of a burden and harder to deal with. Then treatment will suffer as a result.

I was never under the impression that catching this virus was like getting the Pneumonic plague. I always assumed the steps being taken were to slow down the spread so as not to swamp our hospitals all over the country. We don’t want that to happen.


I saw that. Pack of dumbasses.

Armed insurrection is an appropriate response to everything.

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“Everything” ?!? I don’t know, we handled the Great Beer Glut of '83 without having to go that far. :slight_smile:

Lack of commitment