I Agree With This Man

Seems to me the individual states are doing the most, as it should be since they have different situations.


It’s going to get real ugly come election time!

that wont matter come election season

and things fall downward due to gravity

EXCEPTIONALLY ugly. Far worse than normal

The 2000 people who have died in the US to date would like a word with you. Unfortunately they can’t say anything because THEY DIED.

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what about the 20,000 + people who have died from the flu this year so far?

wheres the shutdown for them?


Linear, non-systematic thinking.

You still don’t understand, no matter how many attempts to show you.

Because you can’t get it out of your head there is NOT a “lib/con” thing going on here.



Not sure I’m down with basing our pandemic reaction on the “wisdom” of Chuck Norris. I mean the guy did pimp the Total Gym, didn’t he?

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thanks for trying

No. Chuck Norris doesn’t get infected by a virus. Covid -19 gets Chuck Norris!

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That’s because they are great “Dancers”.


I knew it.

Ha ha I got one two weeks ago!

Totally am not sure if Governor Baker shut down the barber shops like neighboring Connecticut.

Barbers and beauticians provide needed services too. Who wants to rub irritated eyes ‘cause they can’t even get a bang trim? Maybe some poor soul is an occupation that doesn’t allow long hair for the men, or wants to get it cut for a job search.

What isolation? The only thing different in my life is that I don’t have to go to work. I haven’t changed my routine. Sure I can’t get a hair cut (I need one too, I’m going to look like a damn fool), can’t go to a bar, restaurant, or movies, but that doesn’t mean I am isolated. I went to my sister in law’s house to see her new puppy today.

I can understand people that are out of work and aren’t being paid, but that has nothing to do with isolation. Then again…….

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Shouldn’t have chosen that gif.

The girls aren’t six feet apart.

Yeah, flu deaths take more every year, and they not only don’t get the news coverage, it’s even possible to opt out of the immunization that protects from the most common strains of the previous year.

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Point of view. Camera angle.

Good one!