I Agree With This Man

He’s right. Just how confined can any human beings be expected to remain?

And at what point are we going to resist the state deciding whose work is essential and whose isn’t? Virus or no virus?

IMO Way too many have become complacent and let the panic engulf them. School reopens May 4 near me, as if kids really need more screen time.

Not sure about Governor Baker in Massachusetts, as he seems a mire reasonable man than some, but officials in neighboring CT have decided you don’t need a haircut & closed the barber shops.

Just how long will many of us patiently wait to be employed, or marginally employed? When does the panic many have consented to and its aftermath end?

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Screw it, git out there and spread disease.

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I didn’t realize Chuck Norris was such a moron.


Yep we never could have done here what South Korea did…even though it would have kept most of the country open for business.

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This crisis has really revealed the greed, arrogance, stupidity and disregard of life from lot of people in this country. Chuck Norris is another one who need to sit down, stay quiet and shelter in place.


So I’m likely to spread disease getting that haircut I don’t need, but not so likely to get or spread it at that job the state considers essential or at the gas station or grocery store—the businesses deemed essential by the state.

Whatever :roll_eyes:


Anne Frank hid from the Nazis for over two years.

No that’s not what is being said.

The country will open Easter Sunday, the same people that lied and said Trump colluded with Russians want the country closed the rest of the year which would distroy the country and they know it.
So expect the fake news too spew thir propaganda what ever it will be.

In a time of crisis like this credibility matters so pick your news wisely or you live in fear and clueless!


Well, you would not be 6 feet from your stylist, so, no. Not a good idea.

Ultimately she was betrayed and died of typhus in a camp.

Her survival strategy did work short term, but not in the long run.

I don’t think many being un and underemployed, confined & with a low morale is an effective, long term strategy here.

Long term isolation has its detrimental health effects.

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and mumia abu-jamal’s been on death row for decades

More like people are more likely to starve to death or suffer other extremely serious consequences if essential businesses shut down.

Only your family will suffer if you don’t get a haircut.

you cant hide from a virus that causes mild cold symptoms forever

no matter how much it might help you in election

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What’s your strategy then?

You don’t need a haircut you do need to eat and put gas in your car don’t you?

Mild for most, but no, you can’t. You can so a lot though, and we have not done very well.

no matter what, trump let everything get back to normal way too soon.

Wait a minute, nobody said long term.

hang on it’s not November yet