How much sick liberal, woke racism is too much?

You might want to read up on what the US did for Germany and Japan after WWII.

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We carved up Germany.


No, the Allies carved up Germany. We gave them billions.

We the victors. We could have done anything we wanted to do with Germany post ww2, we decided on being magnanimous victors. Look what happened to the eastern part of Germany. The USSR was not as magnanimous.


You are right. But the point is about what we did, not what we could have done or not done. Refer to post no. 77.

Sure and we could have given property losses to the south and did not.


Incorrect. The Soviet Union did. Then they built a wall to keep Germans from escaping.

Not exactly. It was the Soviet Union. Germany didn’t want to be carved up. It was forced on them by the Ruskies.

The big difference being that the Citizens of the South were never not Citizens of the US according to the North. The war effort by the North was to keep the Union intact, not to conquer a breakaway country and reinstated them into the fold.

You are correct in that Germany was against it, but as the vanquished, they had no say in it. The division of Germany was a negotiated agreement of the US, Russia, England and France, not a unilateral move by Russia. Granted, the Russians held most of the cards, but all four participated.

I have been looking at right-wing media and a lot of the publications are setting the narrative that because she commented on his possible personal belief that she made a racial attack. They want to paint her as a racist. And I believe that you want to do the same. If you want to set the bar that any white person comments on a black person’s personal or political belief as being a racial attack, I believe that you are setting the bar pretty low. And I think it is pretty disingenuous. And yes, I just don’t see it.

That bar was set with Obama.

So I dislike elders politics. Does that make me a racist? Or does it only count for dem politicians.


There were some on the left who accused white people of being racist if they were against Obamacare for example.


Perhaps you can show some examples and we can discuss them.



Many. And many who accused white people of being racist morons for supporting Trump policies.

Again I ask for specifics so we can discuss. Not vague platitudes.


Outrage: Jay Rockefeller, Ron Johnson duel over ‘race card’ - POLITICOPOLITICOSearchSearchCloseBack ButtonSearch IconFilter Icon

Here is one. I personally can’t stand Ron Johnson but I don’t think he is a racist.

Mayor Demands School Board Members Resign or Face Criminal Charges

Hudson mayor: School board should resign over material suggesting kids write about sex, drinking (

Parents said the book includes a prompt asking students to “write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mom,” and another which said “rewrite the sex scene from above into one that you’d let your mom read.”

By reading that story it looks more like a dumb mistake in not giving the material assigned due diligence and not an overarching “woke” or “liberal” plot.

That doesn’t excuse the mistake and there should be consequences… but this looks like a tempest in a teapot to me.