How much sick liberal, woke racism is too much?

How much of this demented racist garbage are you wokies willing to demean yourself with until you say enough is enough? Yet another racial attack on a black man by a wokenut.

LA Times Columnist Jean Guerrero: Larry Elder’s ‘White Supremacist’ World View Is a ‘Very Real Threat to Communities of Color’ (


No answers huh?

I m done with it.

The people calling everyone else racist are the biggest racists in the country…IMHO


Where in that article or interview did she make a racial attack?

I’ve never heard of this Jared Taylor and their relationship with Elder.

Ok. Well, apparently Taylor is a pretty well known white supremacist and Elder has cited Taylor numerous times in his articles and books.


Say it isn’t so… :rofl:


Warning: This guy says some pretty nasty things.

I’m not aware to what extent and what exactly Elder cited, but including any of Taylor’s views seems problematic. Will have to look into it more.

Can you give some examples of Elder citing Taylor and include the context of the quotes. People can cite Stalin or Mao in articles without their being Stalinists or Maoist sympathisers.

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Or bow at the alter of Margaret Sanger and walk away without the taint of eugenics.


LA article says Elder has talked to Fox News but refuses to talk to “nonpartisan” media. Meaning, of course, the media that prepared that hit piece.
It would be nice to see exactly how and in what context Elder is supposed to have quoted this guy. The absence of that context smells of “smear” all over.

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You don’t need to be white to support the concept of white nationalism/supremacy.

just like you don’t have to be black to support the concept of black nationalism/supremacy.

Taylor is one of those people who think minorities are scientifically lesser then whites.

It would be considered by some a racial attack to accuse a black man of having a”white supremacist world view”. On the surface, it would seem contradictory to say that a black man trying to replace a white governor with himself was a white supremacist.
I really wish this “white supremacist world view” would be described in detail so we could clarify what the left means by “white supremacy” today. My guess, it has nothing to do with the inherent meaning of the phrase.


Southern Poverty Law Center. Go to for leftist smears.
Exactly what and where and how did Elder quote Taylor? Then let’s talk about Taylor.

Well if you would read the article they are talking about Elder views on black crime and the statistics he throws out there which have been debunked.

the statistics are part of the white nationalist argument that black people are by their nature criminals, and if not properly controlled will and have ruined western society.

I don’t think Elder is personal supportive of the agenda behind the statistics but he uses them which give people like Jared Taylor credibility.

Black crime is an issue, but that issue isn’t that black people are inhering criminal in nature that need to be controlled like animals.

I mean all they do is directly quote him.

visit his website its quite clearly what he view on minorities is.

Statistics, unless faked, are facts. Someone else using certain statistics for nefarious motives does not taint the facts or their use for other purposes.

Statistics can be easily manipulated.

So did Elder say that black people are inherently criminal and need to be controlled like animals? If he said that, then accusations against him are fair. Quote me where he said that.
If he didn’t say that it is disreputable to throw that statement out there in an article about him, and it is a smear.

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