How many citizens of China are in the US military?

Jinchao Wei, 22, also known as Patrick Wei, is accused of accepting thousands of dollars from a Chinese intelligence officer in exchange for information concerning “the defense and weapon capabilities of U.S. Navy ships, potential vulnerabilities of these ships, and information related to ship movement,” according to a grand jury indictment. . .
“Wei admitted to his handler that he knew this activity would be viewed as spying and could affect his pending citizenship application,” Grossman said. “Whether it was greed or for some other reason, Wei allegedly chose to turn his back on his newly adopted country and enter a conspiracy with his Chinese handler.”
San Diego Sailor Jinchao Wei Pleads Not Guilty to Charges He Sold Defense Info to China - Times of San Diego

Another Chinese-American, Petty Officer Wenheng Zhao, was also arrested on similar charges.

Should Chinese citizens be allowed to serve in the US military?

Should they be allowed to have security clearances?

In 2019, about 50,000 H-1B visas were issued to people from China. Many work in high-tech or defense-related industries.

See how unimportant the spy balloon was after all.

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There are legitimate issues with potential conflicts in loyalty, but it looks like they can no longer be considered.

When it comes to safe-guarding America’s military technology, the US is like a submarine with a screen door.


Are they US citizens?

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Notice that these articles are all from this year. This is what’s happening at our southern border right now. Young Chinese men of military age are coming across. What’s going on here?

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Greed is basic across all nationality. Everyone has a price.

In the case of the sailor stationed in San Diego, the article says his citizenship application was pending.

In the case of ZHAO Yueshing, he went to school in China, and then moved to the US for his graduate degree and worked as a top scientist at Los Alamos. He may have gotten US citizenship while he was here, but then he moved back to China.

Educational Background

◆ 1992 State University of New York @ Stony Brook Ph.D.

◆ 1985 Peking University Master of Science

◆ 1982 Peking University Bachelor of Science

The issue is not unique to China. In terms of H-1B visas, Russia has only about 1000 H-1B visas compared to 50,000 for China. On the other hand, India has far more of them than China. The difference is that we are looking at going to war with China, not India.

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China’s investment in the Bidens is paying off handsomely . . .

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You know…this news is a tad scary. What’s going on? Now consider Mayorkas testifying to Congress under oath that it’s all under control. Do they have a clue? What’s the motivation…is it military?


Yes, everyone has a price. On the other hand, some may consider it their duty to help their native country even if they have taken US citizenship.

Children born in the US with a Chinese citizen as a parent have dual citizenship from birth.

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The US has faced similar issues in the past.

In WW1, large numbers of recent immigrants in the US were citizens of Germany or Austria-Hungary. Men from these countries were required to register as “enemy aliens”.

There is no declaration of war with China so there are no enemy aliens. The question is about security clearances.

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If they have family they care about back in China, they are highly susceotible to threats made against those family members if they don’t comply with the CCPs wishes/ demands.

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Beyond their best hope.

Who expected arresting his rival.

That was the way things worked in the Cold War.

People who still had close family under Communist regimes were normally prohibited from getting high-level security clearances.

Were they now?

The easiest way for Communists leadership to prevent democracy in China is to destroy it here.

Biden and his cronies are doing a everything they can to establish a one-party dictatorship.

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Apparently not. Scientists from China were researchers on weapons-related technologies at Los Alamos and later returned to their homeland. How did they get security clearances?

From the earlier NBC link:

At least 154 Chinese scientists who worked on government-sponsored research at the U.S.’s foremost national security laboratory over the last two decades have been recruited to do scientific work in China — some of which helped advance military technology that threatens American national security — according to a new private intelligence report obtained by NBC News.

The report, by Strider Technologies, describes what it calls a systemic effort by the government of China to place Chinese scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where nuclear weapons were first developed.

You sure? You made a very definitive statement here:

It is still the case for people from Russia. American citizens who emigrated from Russia decades ago can be denied a security clearance.

Anybody can be denied a security clearance. It’s not a right.