How does Bidenomics help the economy?

Prove it.

Christianity has a multitude of sects and beliefs…although I follow much of Jesus’ philosophy, I do not believe in any gods. (except maybe the golf gods)

Bidenomics doing good so far.

Unemployment rate down -

Stock market up -


Jobs being added -

Consumer spending up -

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This isn’t happening. At most the left wants to take away what they consider to be assault weapons. There’s no significant push to go after handguns guns used for hunting.

The left isn’t trying to abolish Christianity from public view. Many on the left are Christians. The Episcopal church is a largely liberal mainstream denomination. Biden is a Catholic and publicly met with the pope.

The fact that your wife and her family immigrated from the USSR doesn’t change history. The communists both disarmed the population and suppressed or outlawed Christianity.

There is no such thing as “Democratic Socialism.” Bernie can apply any innocuous name he wants to it, but it’s based on class warfare and involves government confiscation and redistribution. It’s a lie that they are not teaching today because not even mush head young people would go for “WE’RE GOING TO STEAL WHAT YOU EARN AND GIVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE!!” Or, “YOUR GOING TO PAY 70% OF WHAT YOU EARN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE TO THE GOVERNMENT.”

The leftists are very silent about this and using the same tactics always used, namely to unite people under the idea that they are being abused and held back by greedy rich people and the rich are keeping them from receiving what they are entitled to.

People voting for confiscation and redistribution doesn’t make it something else.

More terrible news for Democrats (in disarray):

When it was reported the economy added just 194,000 jobs in September, headlines called it “ugly,” “dismal” and “disappointing.” A month later, a revision showed the economy had actually added 312,000 jobs in September.

After the revisions, disappointing months like August looked a lot more like October, a month that was hailed as a labor market rebound. In hindsight, while a blockbuster June and July were even better than they looked, they didn’t lead to months of stagnation — they diminished somewhat, but still produced solid, steady growth that continued through October.

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Which is not happening in the US nor is it about to happen.

Educate yourself: Democratic socialism - Wikipedia

Oh please, the right is doing their own version of this, namely unite the people under the idea that they are being abused by the left who want to steal their money and give it to the lazy undeserving poor, who want to stop them from practicing their religion, who want to silence them for speaking the “truth” about the GLBT threat, and indoctrinate their children into CRT.

Who’s voting for confiscation? I’ve only seen talk.

Most of the modern civilized world has progressive taxation and welfare programs, don’t act like its some crazy communist plot.

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I guess I’m lucky. My industry is booming.

I don’t credit biden with this - it’s all pent up covid demand and extra money in pockets from not having to commute, and not being able to travel to euorpe and what not.

But infrastructure building would be great for us, so, I don’t know…feeling pretty good right now.

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The tone is part of it.

The other part is that you demand everyone accept your ridiculously false premises.

For example:

The answer is He isn’t doing that. But you won’t accept that, so what’s the point of bothering?

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I’m not dodging, I’m looking for consistency and I took you at your word that you wanted to have a conversation. Your response above doesn’t reflect that goal.

For the sake of the argument, I went with your supposition that the gun control laws were attempts to disarm the population (which I don’t agree but for the sake of the argument I went along).

It seems you are more intent on gotcha than discussion.

Your premise is that disarming a population is a key step towards communism. Ok, if that is true, how do explain Great Britain which has much stronger laws against gun ownership than us? Are they communist? Are they heading toward communism? Similarly, what about Australia?

Yea, I think the economy would be behaving like it is regardless of who was president. It’s because of Covid and the lockdowns.

How are they doing this? I see churches everywhere when I drive around. I can see whole TV stations dedicated to religion if I flip thru the channels.

Respectfully, it’s this kind of wild rhetoric that keeps me from taking your discussions seriously.

None of that is happening.

Not true. There are many people who vote Democrat that are followers of Christianity. The majority of the hardcore Left - the ruling elites, media elites, academic elites, etc. - are by and large atheists or agnostic. This would also include the majority of those on the Left who participate on political forums.

Well… I figure he is ( ironically) the pointy end of the Marxist spear and will destroy the economy so that the Marxist scum can then take over with full blown forced socialism.

So even though I’m on a fixed retirement income now, I’ve continued my prepping, expecting food will become unaffordable and public utilities shut down until the population cries uncle and surrenders to the bastard Marxists.

Thus… I’m motivated to keep buying… more shelf stable food, more tools, and more special appliances that I otherwise would not need. To my 3 person-year supply of food I just added more canned beef, canned orange juice, a few more bottles of brandy and a second low amperage small frig/freezer since almost all of my prepping supplies include redundancy.

So some companies are getting more business.

On what do you base this?

Even though they pretend otherwise or are part of some “chickens coming home to roost” church that gives them bragging rights to be a “Christian”.

Are you suggesting there is only one true form of Christianity?

How is it possible for the unemployment rate to be down while there is simultaneously tens of millions of jobs not being filled? I don’t have to know where you live to know your town is the same as mine. Every restaurant, every hardware and home improvement business, in fact, almost every business is begging for help! Businesses are cutting hours of operation or not operating at full capacity, fast food restaurants are are operating carry out only etc. the unemployment rate is determined by the number of claims filed. If Biden would stop paying people to stay home, we’d see the truth about unemployment. What jobs are you talking about? Biden put tens of thousands of Americans out of work on day one in office.

As far as spending?? For months the media has been telling us about shortages and they buy Christmas NOW because still GT won’t be on the shelves at Christmas and what is on the shelves will be much more expensive, it stands to reason that consumer spending is up. It has NOTHING to do with anything good Biden has done for the economy. For crying out loud. Americans hoard toilet paper when they perceive a possible shortage!

The stock market is driven largely by sentiment. Fundamentals play less of a role in day to day movement than do the traders who trade primarily from either fear or greed, which is often based on the news. While some stocks go up, others go down and since traders can make as much or more on stocks moving down as those moving up, their overall outlook is bullish until something major happens. The market is overdue for a substantial correction. It is going to happen regardless of what Joe does or doesn’t do…

Are elites bad?

I tend to agree the majority of academic elites are non-believers in gods…(51%+)

But those others…I doubt it.