How does Bidenomics help the economy?

I was referring to the enemies of the modern democratic socialists

and of course, biden’s inflation isn’t really happening


Oh and to add to my analogy above…every one of my hypothetical CEO’s department heads are overly ideological, incompetent, willing to walk away from their work for extended periods without making sure anyone is around to do their job, or just simply willing to completely ignore their responsibilities completely.

You wouldn’t give incompetents like that massive amounts of money to spend…you d fire every damn one of them.

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You don’t see the groundwork being laid for hyperinflation? It wouldn’t take much for a full scale panic to set in. Let someone of prominence from the far left start telling people that real food shortages are coming…There are a number of factors that are getting worse and we have someone on the verge of senility as POTUS.


Weimar-style hyperinflation? No. And again, we went through this panic for years with Obama and garbled, incoherent Weimar comparisons (i.e., somehow, the Democrats play the part of both the Social Democrats and the Nazis).


All I can say about the economic situation is, Let’s Go Brandon.

It was not so bad during the Trump years, except Congrass wasting some money on the Trump impeachment imagination of the lunatic left.

:us: a finally responsible congress in 2022 :us: Trump or a good conservative in 2024 :us:. Let’s make America great again :us:

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Dims are victims of themselves.

We don’t need Weimar type hyperinflation to achieve the desired result. We just need inflation bad enough to cripple the middle class and keep them so preoccupied in making ends meet that they don’t have the time or energy to pay attention to what the government is slowly doing.

You think the battle is between Libs and Cons, it isn’t. The thing you guys are blind to is that your leaders hold you in the same contempt they hold conservatives. You’re just the useful idiots. You only have to look at their blatant hypocrisy with the mask mandates they force on everyone else. THEY don’t have to wear masks, but will have you arrested and destroy your life if YOU don’t. But you think THEY are going to make the same sacrifices they are forcing on us. Why?

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Glad you think what is happening is funny. I’m guessing you’ve never studied history, or at least, history as it happened and not the revised history being taught by the left today. I realize todays kids are being taught how wonderful Socialism and Communism are, they just need to be implemented by “ENLIGHTENED” leaders to make it work. Whatever you do, don’t pay any attention to the hundreds of millions of people murdered at the hands of similar “ENLIGHTENED” people. Don’t even consider looking at the lies they told to get the support of the people before their glorious revolutions. Your ignorance of history does not make my statements hyperbole.

Not one of you has yet to offer up anything positive that is happening as a result of Joe Biden and the policies he’s pushing. You try and make excuse after excuse for the negative things that coincidentally are occurring simultaneously with his taking office. Since Joe has literally undone every policy of Trumps, you can’t blame The Donald for the mess we’re in.

I ask again: C’Mon man! How is America benefitting so far under Joe?

Why engage in a conversation where your side is thinking my side is trying to turn the US into Cuba or Venezuela? Why would I engage with posters that have already made up their minds and are far removed from reality?

I’ve always figured that my tone is one of the reasons you guys don’t respond, so I deliberately created a thread where I am foregoing my usual rhetoric and name calling. I’m not even using the nicknames I use for our beloved President.

I asked a simple question that no one has bothered to even attempt to answer.

As to my reference to Cuba and Venezuela? The histories of Socialism and Communism are well documented facts. They start with the same ideas; namely class envy. A leader of the people United the poor and downtrodden, convincing them that the rich are holding them down…I shouldn’t have to give you a history lesson as I believe you actually can see the results of these revolutions. What is the Left doing today that is different than what enlightened leaders like Lenin, Mao and Castro did? If the left is doing the same things, using the same slogans, then it seems to me they have the same goals. At least, the leaders have the same goals while the useful idiots who support them will end up the way they did in those other countries.

How about answering instead of dodging?

Can you demonstrate this?

I’ll give you two examples right off the top of my head: The lefts attempts to disarm Americans and to abolish every trace and influence of Christianity from public view. The left is following the Communist revolutionary playbook to the T.

Literally none of that is true.

Here is a shocker…there are many people on the left…that are followers of Christianity.

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Ok, thanks. On the subject of arms, other countries disarm their populations, Great Britain and Australia come to mind. Are those countries similarly being led by politicians intent on turning them into Cuba and Venezuela?

On the subject of religion, most liberals are Christian, just not your flavor of Christian and they aren’t seeking to remove religion, just have a level playing field between all religions and non-religions. They want the government neutral. Is there a problem with that?

I knew you were going to dodge… Just waiting to see how. Remember, you asked me to give examples of how the left was following the Communist handbook? Funny, you didn’t deny they were actually trying to disarm the population, you merely attempted to deflect because you can’t deny it and know that an unarmed population has no way to defend itself against a tyrannical government. I wasn’t aware that other countries also have a Constitution that gives its citizens the RIGHT to bear arms too. :thinking::thinking: Why ever do you suppose the morons that conceived, wrote and finally adopted the Constitution as the foundation of our government, included that pesky amendment in the first place?

No, the government is not trying to level the playing field for all religions. They are deliberately, actively, with all malice of forethought trying to remove every trace of Christianity from the public sphere and doing everything they can to shut down and silence Christians who resist their agenda!

The government doesn’t like people with strong moral convictions. They prefer people who stand for nothing and will therefore tolerate anything, using public opinions as their primary guide in life. By sheer coincidence, public opinion is shaped mostly by the schools and media. Wonder why the left wants them now even before kindergarten age??

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Literally every single word of that is true.

People can follow Christianity all they want. It would be very helpful to them though if they first consulted the Christian manual to actually learn what Christ taught. Just keep listening to Joel Osteen…… you’ll be fine

I “lol” because you accused the other side of hyperbole while engaging in it yourself.

This isn’t happening.

Nobody is teaching U.S. kids that dictatorships are good.

I’m not ignorant of history. I’m well aware. My wife and her family immigrated from the USSR.

This is hyperbolic… that or you’re just the one being ignorant:

No, they aren’t shooting for Bolivarianism or Marxism-Leninism. What you have is a handful of democratic socialists and as the name implies they are for doing things democratically, not via revolution and a dictatorship.

I don’t think things would be going economically all that different under Trump except taxes would be lower.