How does Bidenomics help the economy?

This is very straightforward. We are currently facing the highest level of inflation in decades, massive labor shortages, empty shelves, surging gas prices and over 80 ships loaded with goods backed up off the coast of California. So far, Biden’s only action has been to push for, and finally get a trillion dollar “infrastructure” bill passed.

I haven’t heard of anyone claiming our infrastructure doesn’t need upgrading, but we all know that what passed was a fraction of what was being pushed by the Democrats.

Infrastructure has always been understood to be things like roads and bridges (why not pipelines?), but Democrats are trying to add new social spending and also calling this “infrastructure”. How in the world would this benefit America?

I frequently slam Libs, and I always feel justified in doing so because they never are willing to give straight answers to straight questions. Here’s your chance, prove me wrong…

I know you guys understand supply and demand. I know you understand that printing trillions of dollars devalues the currency in circulation which is a big factor in causing inflation.

Why is Biden pushing so hard to enact and carry out policies that reduce supplies of countless necessities, including oil, encourages people to not go back to work and compounding all the current economic problems by printing money, especially for “social infrastructure” that only affects a small minority of the population?

Americans, especially the poor and middle class, whom Biden claims he wants to help, are hurting and Biden is putting the fire out by pouring on gas. WHY? Why now? Who is being helped by what he’s doing?

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It’s a good question.

Some economists believe that you can inflate your way out of debt, because the debt was borrowed in yesterdays dollars.

A cynical person might think it was an intentional Cloward Piven strategy, meant to usher in universal basic income and the complete redistribution of wealth, under federal government oversight, argued for by the more radical progressive elements of the Democratic party.

Or just plain gross incompetence by an administration adrift in a storm with no one at the helm.

Based on your observations, which do you believe?

Deliberate destruction. Nobody is this stupid. And that goes for lockdowns as well.


Much of it seems to follow Cloward Piven. Our current entitlement programs are already unsustainable. Social security, medicare and medicaid will collapse in the near term future. Just shoring up social security will add billions to the budget. Failing to modify the program will result in mandatory benefit reductions for those drawing social security. The new proposed entitlements will put more strain on financial resources. And a guaranteed income (government check) will only lead to more inflation, with government claiming it needs more control to stabilize the economy. Price controls would be the next move, followed by nationalization of industries and property.

However, one should always consider the simplest reason, simple incompetence.

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He also passed the stimulus package, and no need for quotation marks around infrastructure, it helps repair America’s crumpling infrastructure.

That’s 2 huge wins for America.


Your faith in government is by far the highest in this forum. Seriously, do you believe the government, at least when controlled by Democrats is even capable of lies, deceit, misinformation, innefficiency or outright incompetence?

You seem to believe quite literally every single word that comes out of the mouth of Washington Democrats.

You really believe social spending is infrastructure?

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I agree with that. Has to be deliberate. I suspect the goal is to turn us into a socialist country.

We need to sweep the lib/socialists out of office next year. At least the ones who are up for reelection.

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Looking at what they’re doing, not even European style Socialism. Looks like they’re shooting more for Cuban or Venezuelan socialism.


That’s absolutely true imo.

What else do you consider a win?

Psaki even said they need to double down. They think by doing this they can push people to their agenda by telling them ‘see how terrible it is. If you follow what we propose it will be unicorn farts and rainbows’.

And their followers lap it up and put even more of their faith in govt to be their everything.

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I’m giving Biden supporters an opportunity to give their thoughts on what Biden is doing and how it is good for America and so far ZILCH! Usually thoughtful responses are overridden by hyperbole and partisan shots at each other. I thought a new approach might bring out a genuine response beyond the general leftist talking points. Looks like nothing is forthcoming from Joes side.

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we know what Weimar brought…

history never repeats

If we use Weimar as a historical analogy, how does it play out in current circumstances?

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hyperinflated economy… substitute “democratic” for “national”

the zealotry is the same


Okay, we got the same Weimar hyperinflation panic during the Obama administration. It never happened. But I am curious: who represents the actual Weimar Republic in this scenario? Who are its enemies?

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enemies? the unvaccinated and canceled…


If you had an employee, department head, a CEO answerable to you as a director on the board of directors…

Who had absolutely screwed up every project in his portfolio…who had made a mess out of your. Or corporate security, ruined your supply chain, under who’s leadership you had spent an historic amount of money with little or no return, who has screwed up his most important overseas assignment…

Would you trust that CEO with an historic amount of money to work on a project loaded with pork abd needless fat?

Guess what Americans…we just did.

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Well, the most vociferous enemies of Weimar were Nazis, so do they now correspond to the “canceled” and “unvaccinated”?