How dangerous have libs become in our society


Been accused of being a LIB way too many times. I don’t understand the ideology of the word at this point. I had spend months being defensive that I have being called a liberal which is the furthest thing from the truth…but now I have taken the word LIB to mean that I hat Trump and that is the only definition I can take as it applies to me and my comments in this community.


Same here. It’s a really wacky use of the term.


A classical liberal vs the PC-Intersectionality-identity politics strain that is running through today’s Democratic Party makes the difference.

I adhere to some of the classical liberals beliefs, but not society is a petri dish liberals. I find myself in the middle of a small conservative and a classical liberal. Economic freedom, free speech, and society change comes slow (conservative).


I just want some clarification as to who I really am here. My name says Konssurvative1…but that’s only because Conservative1 was actually taken in February of 2003. I know the K seems to throw everybody…but I have a hugely and bigly history of being a strongly big conservative. Yet, since Trump became president, and I found I could not agree with him personally, I have been labeled a liberal and then more recently A LIB. I am having an Identity Crisis. For sure.


Similar to me…a socially left-leaning libertarian comes closest to describing me.

More a realist than anything I suppose.


I’ve noticed it only seems to be on the internet where this happens. I’ve got friends in real life that are Trump supporters. They know I oppose Trump for many reasons, but none of them doubt I’m just as conservative as them. The issue tends to be more with the internet when folks can hide behind a keyboard and just make stuff up as they go along. I think that is where this idea that if you are not strongly in Trump’s corner then you’re a “lib” stems from.


I am not worried about that type of liberals on the left, that is what we have had for decades (left leaning centrist).

But there is a new breed out with a big megaphone and constant media attention that does worry me just like the alt-right does the left.

If the democrats do win in 2020 I hope it’s Biden. Hell I would be happy for a pre-daca Obama.


It’s a way to win an internet argument. Not liking my logic in the argument/debate, I’ll call you a LIB. then I go into defending my conservatism…and they sit back and smile coyly about the fact they have derailed my argument.


Leftest…libs are the same in that regards.They’re mostly authoritarian by nature that wants to use power of goverment to impose their vision of society upon the American people.

A liberal is more like live and let live. They don’t want goverment to interfere and allow society seek it’s own level through other means…such like this here conversation.

Libs on other hand don’t want this conversation to exist because it might undermine their authority and expose their intentions.

Like your sister for example, I know few liberals that share the same goal as I…just we just disagree how to reach said goal. I have no problem with that because it offer healthy exchange of ideas.

Venezuelan is about as far from liberalism as you can get, it’s more of dictatorial society that is controlled by strict ideologue. That is not liberalism.

Take federal government single payer healthcare that libs been pushing. It sounds good until they use the cost of such system to control our lives in name of keeping it affordable. Like what we can eat. Thy will do a study that it cost tax payers 600 billion dollars a year that was bias/slented right from beginning. So they start using regulations to faze out meat for example. Then those that only have meat available are elites imported from Japan…while society eat soy.

And as for those few forum liberals…I know who you are. Some of you had confined in me. I just want to say I understand your predicament. I feel for you. They used your ideologue to lie, cheat and deceive the public for their own extremist vision they have for America…and now they discarding your ideologue like a aborted fetus.


I think there may be some cons around who believe those are protected by the 2nd amendment somehow. Let’s not infringe.


Wouldn’t you agree that Venezuela is more along the lines of Leftism or the LIBS you describe?


Isn’t that what we would call a LIBERTARIAN?


Yes. It’s not liberalism by any means.


Libertarian is a belief/ideologue in which one lived and conduct his or her life. Liberal goverment or liberalism is limiting goverment. Our Constitution and BoR’s is example. :wink:


I realize you’re snarking, but to me, your responses tend to run small “c” conservative.

If I had to guess, I’d put the board makeup at 60% moderately progressive, 25% moderately conservative, 10% hard line conservative, and 5% RWNJ.


But you said that what I described as LIBERTARIAN, was LIBERAL…and my definition of LIBERAL is that they want some of the same things that I want, but they want the government to regulate it. That is always what a Liberal has been.

Like my sister for example. We are both in love with a particular place in the Norther part of Wisconsin. It’s called the Chequamagon National Forest. She and I want to see the forest survive for centuries more. However, as a conservative, I believe that for the forest to survive, Logging companies need to come in and log out this area or that area to allow new growth. She thinks that any tree being felled is a bad thing. The liberal in her wants the government to end logging as it will save the forest. I want there to be logging to save the forest as it is what is most healthy for the forest. See the difference there. She’s a Liberal, I am a conservative, and we both have the same end goal, only I don’t want there to be much government intervention…and she wants there to be.

I can’t imagine how you can define a liberal as wanting no government interference as you stated above…as that is what the very essence of liberalism is. Now Leftism is another story completely…


Is that her expressed opinion? Not necessarily in this case, but I often see a strong opinion about something get twisted slightly into an all-or-nothing scenario. E.g, “I don’t trust logging companies not to decimate this forest if given the chance,” becomes “I don’t think logging companies should be allowed to touch this forest.” That’s because all-or-nothing arguments are often the easiest to refute, so if you can frame the other side’s argument that way, half your work is done.

Again, not saying this is the case with your sister - I just see it a lot.


True liberals IMO are mindful of the dangers of goverment and abuse it can create, that is precisely why they limited goverment and spread the power out as much as possible to that keep that power concentrated to a few when they created our Constitution and BoR’s.

I call myself a Conservatives because I want to preserve what our founding fathers had envision our nation should be. Which I openly admit it’s very liberal.

Now keep in mind, there is multiple way to approach liberalism…1st Amendment is prime example of it.

On one side want to keep religion out of goverment, other side want to keep goverment out of religion. Both are liberal philosophies…we just approached it from a different angle. But we shared the same goal.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;


I was only half snarking. I really do have a problem with the ideologies here and the marked changes. I am a fiscal conservative with a capital F and I guess I would lean more Libertarian now than Capital C conservative…because I think Capital C conservative has come to be something else entirely and I don’t lean there anymore.


You changed it to a K because you are a lib…lib…