How dangerous have libs become in our society

And when will true liberals stand up to their extreme radicalism?

Years ago we may disagree with one another but we had somewhat shared same values.

Example…we both want clean environment, just disagree how we go about it.

We both agreed that people should have affordable accessible healthcare, just disagree on how to implement it.

We use to agree we want less gun violence…but again we can’t agree how to end it.

Today…radicalized libs want to force society into railroad cars and electric scouters while the elitist fly around the world in their private jets.

That’s not liberalism.

As for clean environment. Libs want to force society to live in green solar panel condos and feed us soy…never mind the fact the energy it take growing and harvesting soybeans.

That’s not liberalism.

Libs want to disarm Americans for our safety…to save the children. But yet they deny us the ability to do that for ourselves while empowering goverment to do it.

That’s not liberalism.

So I ask all liberals out there…when will you take back liberalism and thus your rightful place from extremist that hijacked your party and your ideologue?

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That’s a lot of generalizin’.


Found it.

I first attempted to post something like this back around Oct…we seen how that went.

Then I’ve found this about month ago…back then it had about 17 thousand views.

Now it has almost 2.7 million.


Oh the reason I’m bringing this up again. Couple liberals hinted the radicalized libs no longer share their same values.

And that’s IMO is worth a discussion.

So my question for libs verse liberals…can you discuss it?

Or are you going to deflect, insult and attack?


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A video entitled “Why you can’t argue with Leftists” from a super rational guy who got banned from twitter for saying reasonable things like this.


Yeah. He is an honest debater.


Sorry not buying it. Today libs are extremely radial to what liberalism suppose to be.

It use to be that goverment was suppose to stay out of or religion for example…not to promote or adopt a religion or interfere with those that practice it as long as they aren’t violating anyone else civil liberties.

But libs have adopted goverment a their religion…and thus forcing it upon the people.

Another example…what’ this no meat Mondays. Why not offer that choice for the kids to decide? Let them decide whether or not if they want meat…I mean that is the heart of what liberalism is all about. Or did you somehow forget that?

You see…libs today are doing everything they can to prevent free choice.

What exactly are you talking about?

What’s “no meat Mondays”?

Welcome to Generalization Central.


Im not even sure quite how to respond to this.

Your first paragraph about government and religion is wholly ironic. It’s not the left, Conan, using religion to justify denying certain segments of the population the same rights the rest of us enjoy; again, that’s the right.

And No Meat Mondays? lol. Good grief, get a grip. That’s an awareness campaign, and as far as Im aware, it’s not on the Dems agenda, nor is anyone campaigning on it. It’s sort of like saying “Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day…”.

you’re literally taking random ass ■■■■■ and assigning it as positions of the left. If you’re going to continue to do that, then no one can help you… and you’ll be starting this same thread, with the same responses in another six months.


It has everything to do with it…it’s intolerant of radicalize libs using their beloved goverment to control/impose themselves onto the people.

No meat Monday was of example choice…you do believe in choice don’t you?

Or is that too extreme now?

It is the newest right wing freak out over the NYC public school system working to make a healthier menu for the students.

Basically give kids grilled cheese instead of hamburgers.

But for some reason there is a flipping out by people who neither bear the cost of it nor will they ever be effected by it.

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When I went to school I had no choice as to what was being served to kids that day. The only choice we had was plain whole milk or chocolate milk.

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I don’t understand the appeal of always being a victims. Oh scary Libs are coming for you! Boo!

This thread is precisely why true liberals are afraid to come out. :wink:

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We are here. We have been posting with you for years.

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Are you serious about this? Conan, I’ve got three kids in public school. They still serve meat. Not every day, just whenever they put it on the calendar. Some days it’s pasts, some days pizza, others a hamburger. Until you get into Middle School, you really don’t even get much of a choice for lunch, and even then, it’s slim pickings. However, us parents at the schools a few years ago came together to limit the amount of sugar the schools are allowed to give the kids by way of having parties for Holidays, birthdays, etc. Was it because we’re leftist control freaks? No. Because that was out CHOICE. They are OUR children. I live in a very health-conscious part of the country, and so that’s what we CHOSE for our children… I don’t want the schools putting tons of that crap down my kids’ throats.

But if you’re supposedly all for “choice”, then you’r eon the wrong side of the aisle buddy… didn’t ya know, a key part of the Dems platform is, and always has been, the right to choose.


You start a thread an hour ago. Only liberals have responded. And somehow your takeaway is that “Liberals are afraid to come out”.:joy::thinking:

With that, Im out. Have fun with this Conan…

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My son in HS has a pretty damn nice cafeteria. It’s crazy how different it is from when I was in school. In spite of that, he still takes his lunch most days. Not necessarily because that’s his preference, but more so because they only get 30 minutes at lunch and if you stand in line, you lost 15-20 minutes.

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A somewhat mean-spirited OP, but we’ll still fight to make sure you get the healthcare you need. Don’t you worry!

Is that why those on radical left now trying to do away health insurance…or allow a baker to decide if he wants to make wedding cake to name a couple examples?

Oh you’re going to retort back to talking point that baker was violated the guy couple rights.

Except liberals didn’t come out. :wink:

So i gleen from the op that only the radical left controls the left and the same isnt true on the other side.

To which i say… :rofl:

Guess we must have skipped over the whole tea party thing.