How dangerous have libs become in our society


Well said. Conan has been dong this same thing for as long as I remember, so I see his threads less of a discussion or debate and more of a “What’s on Conan’s mind today” type of deal.


And yet here you are everyday adding to it.


Hmm…free choice.

You complained about meatless Mondays.

Does that mean you’re on board with letting children explore and choose their own sexual orientation? Because shouldn’t they be making that choice? Why would you want to curtail their freedom by telling them they should only be pursuing the sexual orientation that maps to the genitalia they have?


That was not Trump’s fault. He is just a product of people who listen to talk radio and evening Fox news programming.

This thread is a product of that too.


You should never run while carrying a Liberal.


Live look-in at the Trumpist who agrees with the OP:


we have been posting here for years, most of us are not going to waste our time here because you don’t want to have a serious debate you just want to “Own” liberals.


This thread is proof why liberals and moderate democrats hide.




we are to busy forcing children to eat salads filled with communism.


What about a flamethrower or a suitcase nuke?



Yeah, um - if anything, I’m seeing the opposite. I’ve seen a lot of liberals / moderate democrats replying to this thread. How exactly is replying “hiding?”


I’m not hiding, but I see you’re cowering in the corner. Why is that? World just too complex for you?


Hmmm… looking at the 2020 Democratic field… looks plenty visible to me.


Is this meant to be sarcasm? You’ve had nothing but liberals, moderates, and others opposed to Trump in this thread destroying the premise you fallaciously attempted to promote.


Bro, we’re here and not going anywhere.


OP is literally making claims only to upset the Libz, going as far as denying reality to have a chuckle.


This is a problem board wide here. Liberals are not the same as leftists. I have been saying this in response to attacks on liberals here for months, or even longer. What many of the Trump Supporters here criticize and fight against is leftism. But I think too often that gets confused with liberalism. One poster here constantly reverts to Venezuelan leftism to describe liberalism in America. That is wrong, and I have spent months trying to progress that point to the point of just giving up.

See like the dude in the video…Owen Benjamin, my sister is a liberal, she’s not a leftist. She ascribes to traditional liberal points of view, but she is not a leftist. I think that this gets confused quite a bit. When you speak of a LIB, or you speaking of them as a Leftist? I get confused…as to why people call others a LIB and it’s is like fighting words have been kicked around. Is that the case.

As someone who has come a bit more to the center since the age of say 49 or 50…I am 53 now, I still do not like Liberalism…but I understand it better and I see some points with clarity whether I support them or not. But if a Lib is what I described it as being above in my question to you Conan, then I think we need to get more clear on what one says. Liberal is one thing…like Owen Benjamin says not necessarily bad, but if a Lib=Leftist…then why don’t we just say leftist? Take the confusion out of the picture…because for years on this board…Liberal and Lib were synonymous with each other. Is that not the case now?


I’ll go one step further - some posters on this board also tend to lump in actual conservatives who don’t support Trump with “libs.” I say that only to clarify the definition of “libs” that we may be working with here. That definition can further cloud the issue.

If that definition is being used, then “libs” could, in fact, refer to liberals, moderate democrats, centrists, AND conservatives.


Really bizarre man…