How dangerous have libs become in our society


Yes it is her expressed opinion. One weekend a few years ago she got all over me for Pruning my trees because I was a tree killer. In essence, the tree last spring was the most beautiful Red Bud blossoms I had ever seen from that tree. It is alive and vibrant. If I hadn’t done that it would like like the one up by my deck that is going to need to come down because it is 2/3 dead. She is in essence the typical touchy feely, the government is the only ones who can do things right Liberal


Yeah. I am pretty socially left. I used to be all in Ayn Rand Libertarian and I still have a good portion of that philosophy in my life, but since 2008 and reading a ton of stuff on how financial markets and economies work I have taken on a decidedly more Keynesian streak in my philosophy. In my opinion having a social safety net, large infrastructure and education investment and some government intervention into the economy is the only way a post industrial economy can survive.


^ This


While I certainly understand and respect your position, because it does indeed have merit… one of the things that I have found concerning is the push to selling off the commons. And this is more than just parks… this includes schools, jails, etc.


selling them off what do you mean to the private sector such as schools and jails? Or the City of Chicago and the State of Indiana selling off the Skyway or the Indiana Tollway to private companies? Is that what you are talking about?


Generally yes. There are times where privatizing certain public goods make sense. It isn’t bad in all cases.

But as a nation we have made a political decision to Corporatize everything and from what I see the last frontier of maximum profit lies in the public commons. And I think that rational caution should be involved.


He’s got some bat ■■■■ crazy definition of Lib that only he uses. No one else knows what the ■■■■ he is talking about. It’s basically made up gibberish.


How Dangerous are the Liberals?
Lets see, The Barry O Admin, Hillary n the Clinton Machine, the head of both the FBI n CIA along with staff members, CNN, MSNBC, ETC ETC., ALL Just tried a Political Coup and take this Country over by lying to the American Public, they’ve lost all trustworthiness.

Given the chance, they will do it again, imho


Excuse my ignorance, but isn’t that a religion thing? Pushing religion in schools is A ok.

As long as it’s the right religion of course…


My question for the Conservatives: What happen to the party of Ronald Reagan? What the Tea Party didn’t ruin in 2010, trump destroyed every bit of what was left. No Republican/Conservative should ever utter the words “Ronald Reagan.”


Lol tree pruning should be neither liberal or conservative, it’s about basic tree care knowledge.

Redbuds in particular are susceptible to a whole host of pests and diseases, and so naturally have a relatively short life “in the wild”, or left unpruned in the landscape.

A regular regime of removing dead, diseased, and broken limbs will keep it healthy and beautiful and will greatly extend it’s lifespan.


So trite and old.


You are correct sir.


We had a redbud in our front yard. It died (have no idea why) and before my husband got around to removing it, it started sending up side shoots, and now it’s a big beautiful bush. I kind of like it this way, actually.


You’ve imagined yourself an alternate reality, filled it with straw men of your own creation and then shared a manifesto about it.

Other than providing a window into your mind, this op is useless.


Yes, pruning trees and shrubs to keep them healthy has nothing to do with the problem of deforestation.

I’m an avid gardener and I can be ruthless with my loppers.


Me too!


That’s neat when that happens.


Yeah, I was pretty sad about it until then because they are such gorgeous trees. Probably not the 1st choice for CO - a neighbor down the street had one that died also - but so pretty.


I don’t know that I’d want her in charge, but as close-relative-personalities go, you could do worse than tree hugging dirt worshipper. :wink: