House will vote on impeachment procedures Thursday to ‘ensure transparency’

Folks, get ready for public hearings. The GOP has to make the hard decisions of picking country or a cult.

> House to vote this week on guidelines for impeachment inquiry “to eliminate any doubt as to whether the Trump Admin may withhold documents, prevent witness testimony, disregard duly authorized subpoenas, or continue obstructing the House,” Speaker Pelosi said in letter.


Cool, so they’re attempting legitimize this fake impeachment.


Well, I’m sure this will end all the complaining.


what’s your complaint now? I thought you wanted transparency?

how is it fake

Thursday huh?

Isn’t that about the time Horowitz report is about to come out?


They’re just mad that Pelosi just took away all their procedural talking points.

wasn’t that report suppose to come years ago


Nah,Thursday is Halloween.

Reminds me of the kid who passes and ice cream shop and bugs his mother for an ice cream cone. He gets him one and he is temporarily happy. As they have walked 4 blocks away from the ice cream shop.

“I want sprinkles too.”


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When pigs fly. :slight_smile:


Outrage. Us.

Congratulations! This is what you wanted. Happy you have your wish granted by Mrs. Pelosi. Bring it, enough talk bring it on


Is it? I hope it does, honestly.

Nothing fake about it, this just stops the whinging and obstruction of the White House and the GOP members of congress.

Now, the GOP will use this vote to instantly post ads in every purple or reddish district where a Democrat serves. It is the sole reason they are insisting on a vote. They could care less that the impeachment didn’t have a vote, they want that yummy PR.

Pelosi will either go all in or allow her most vulnerable members to opt out. Not sure how she goes with this one. That lady is a great vote counter. The only reason she is doing this now is that she feels the damage will be minimal if she handles it right, and she will. Plus, I am sure she has seen the transcripts to this point and must feel that the evidence is so strong her caucus can reasonably say they had to vote for it.

Which is a shame for the Right, that was the one talking point you guys had and now it will be gone. Now you guys have to defend the indefensible.


So is it fake anymore if they legitimize it?

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This will make the inevitable request to the Supreme Court to expedite rulings on subpoenas that much more solid. Careful what you wish for…

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Yep. Prolly passes with about 10 votes to spare. Say 222-213.

Yeah I like that number.

She has already done the count.


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She really took advantage of these last few weeks to pad the argument about impeachment, it gives vulnerable members a lot of ammunition to take back home. Had she initiated the impeachment with a vote they would not have had that ability to defend their vote.

It’s smart politics.

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Wouldn’t be in the news if she didn’t have the votes.

Watching her play Trump is like watching Jascha Heifetz.

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