Homeless become liability for Democrats

Somewhere they can be detained so they can’t just escape for a heroin or meth fix in another town. Whether officially in jails or some other detention facility, this is way more humane than just letting them exist in the elements while dwindling away. Babysitting them will cost money, but I think the overall good it would do outweighs the money spent on programs for free crack in places like Seattle and Portland.

There are few assumptions here.

Drug use is one of them.

While I agree that he should house them… because in the long run it is actually cheaper…you cannot detain people for simply not having a home.

That isn’t a crime.

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You’re right, it’s not a crime. If you catch them committing a crime such as illegal drug use, defecating or urinating in the street, etc, then they could be detained and enrolled in my program. I think leniency, enabling and indifference has made the problem much worse than it should be. I might sound harsh, but some problems require tough solutions.

How would you fund your program?

If we gave them a place to use the bathroom… they wouldn’t do it in the street.

Put them in the army, give them something to do in peace time, regular enlisted can help keep them in line and taken care of. They don’t need to be part of combat troops, sort of a different classification could be used, social program enlisted or something.

And if they are elderly?

Them too, doesn’t mean they have to do boot camp, work or go to combat, just wear the uniform, live in the barracks and be taken care of for the elderly unless they wish to contribute more. Uniform optional. Think of it as a separate. division that isn’t the same as the current enlisted. Then whenever people want to raise the defense budget, they will also be helping the needy.

Charity corps or something.

Leave them alone.

Of course they would.

There’s conservatives in Kalifornia?

Yeah… They put people like Devin Nunes into office.

Devin Nunes is not a conservative.

I mean, Republicans elected a pro-choice liberal New Yorker last time out and some people still think Republican and conservative are synonyms. No, conservatives generally choose the Republican as the lesser of two evils. They are not in charge of, or the majority of, Republicans.


You don’t live around homeless people and it shows.

For example, in Los Angeles, they remove portable restrooms after 8pm from the streets and they don’t return them in until like 7am or something.

So if you have to use the restroom between 8pm and 7am… you are literally ■■■■ out of luck.

Cool story. What does it prove?

It’s shows that if you made bathrooms available to the homeless, 24/7, they would use them. I hope LA changes their policy. They shouldn’t be treated like dogs.

Homeless also need… well homes. Not shelters that require them to be there between certain times or be shutout. Actual homes (centers) that help get them on their feet.

Exactly, a home is the critical first step to getting the homeless off the streets. A dormitory style shelter is not the answer.

Treatment and job training works best if people have a home.

Excellent. People shouldn’t have to put up with indigents thinking they can just do drugs in front of whoever’s home they please.

Assuming they want off the street and a home


Assuming they want a home?