Homeless become liability for Democrats

Oh they want homes, as long as it doesn’t involve paying for it, upkeep or restrictions on drug and alcohol use. I would be willing to give them the first two but not the last. If they hit the streets after that, jail them. And by give them a home and upkeep, I mean a tiny printed concrete home.

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To be honest, sometimes that lifestyle has a certain attraction.

I’m sure many do, particularly if they have a home of their own. Those that don’t most likely need psychiatric care and should be placed in a facility that can offer the necessary care and support.

Or you could just leave them alone.

If they want help, they can ask for it.

Wiki flophouse. Back then the market took care of many of these people.

American flophouses date at least to the 19th century, but the term flophouse itself is only attested from around the early 1900s, originating in hobo slang. In the past, flophouses were sometimes called lodging houses or workingmen’s hotels and catered to hobos and transient workers such as seasonal railroad and agriculture workers, or migrant lumberjacks who would travel west during the summer to work and then return to an eastern or midwestern city which ran along the rail lines, such as Chicago to stay in a flophouse during the winter.

A flophouse-style room
Some city districts with flophouses in abundance became well known in their own right, such as the Bowery in Manhattan, New York City. Since the middle 20th century, reforms there have gradually made flophouses scarcer.[3] The resulting gentrification and higher real-estate value has further eroded the ability of flophouses and inexpensive boarding-style hotels to make a profit.[4]

Yeah, the attraction is no bills.


No responsibilities, no taxes.

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Which all boils down to free. I say give them free, with strings and if they don’t follow the rules, jail them.

No alimony either…

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I guess you don’t see a lot of homeless where you live.

The homeless problem in NYC is as bad as I have ever seen it. The subways are filled with homeless and the City does nothing. They block stairs and ticket vending machines, they take over train cars and keep others from entering.

Are they asking for help?

The help currently available isn’t worth asking for. Crowded, dangerous shelters are worse than living in the subway or on the streets.

The homeless need real help, homes or real psychiatric centers that offer the care and support they need. And the people of NY and the commuters need safe and clean trains and stations too.

What we have now helps no one.

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Just a couple days ago my friends daughter who lives in the city said the subways were getting bad and gave several examples of stuff she personally witnessed. Said she’s watched it degrade and is pretty upset, as she uses them a lot.

It has really gone downhill in the last year. The current mayor sucks, the next mayor sucks just as much. (I hope he proves me wrong.)

I ride the subway 5 days a week and it is a disaster.

Oy. You think the homeless is the biggest contributor?

She’s seen a couple of rather serious crimes too.

The homeless are often unstable and can be dangerous. Crime in general isn’t really a big problem, the media exaggerates.

Quality of life is the biggest issue.

Got it. Unrelated, but NYC subways are sorely in need of MAPS. Boston for example has maps on the wall just about every time you turn around. Much easier for visitors, of which there are a lot.

Maps? Every car has a map, every station has multiple maps and maps are available on line. (And most stations have access to the web.)

On the other hand, the maps aren’t always easy to read.

Several times I’ve had trouble finding a map. With kids in tow no less.

Not to be snarky, but plan your trip ahead of time.