Homeless become liability for Democrats

It’s amazing but the democrat in Cal are cleaning up homeless camps all over the state. The biggest one I know of is Venice beach. They just come in at 2 am and force people out. They give lots of warning. But then just kick them out. No new shelter or goodies. Just a cleanup crew and cops to make sure they leave.

What’s going on? I figure it’s the Newsome recall. He’s also stopping the covid kookiness before the recall election. Or perhaps, it’s just finally getting out that voting democrat causes homelessness, and poverty… And violence…!!


If he kicks enough of them out, maybe working people will move back to California. :rofl:

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Hopefully, those that moved out of state will move back so they can rinse and repeat.

CA is also committing serious money to build shelters. I think the two pronged approach is long overdue

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Supply and demand also work in blue states. Who knew

Money down the drain.


That’s one rattled holdout. lol

Don’t worry… no one is leaving CA to go to the great state of Missouri.

How much is that per household?

Is that where the homeless now not living at in venice beach are going?

Thank God. We just cleaned this place up. :rofl:

They’re headed for the mountains, pretending to belong. :wink:

Probably zero since we have a surplus. Or it may be aligned with an recently approved tax increase.

I don’t know where they are going… but I do know we are committed to providing shelters.

What is the conservative solution to the problem?


Giving the homeless homes… hmmmm interesting idea.

I’d love for that logic to apply to personal spending.

Ah no you didn’t.

I won’t even step foot in Missouri until they release… with restitution, Lamar Johnson and Kevin Strickland.

Point and laugh


Sure we did. McCaskiller and the other Obama lapdogs are outta here! :rofl:

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And your state is keeping 2 innocent black men in prison, because of reasons.

Seems like you have more cleaning up to do.