Hillarys comments "They All Look Alike"

I think it’d have to ignore every cue in that interaction to come to the conclusion she was serious. The deadpan way she delivers while looking away with almost literally her tongue in cheek, the reaction of the interviewer, then Hillary’s look at the interview like “gotcha”, then her whole joke about Zuck after. She’s mocking the idea that they all look the same and using it as a playful jab at the interviewer (knowing she doesn’t think that, but giving her a hard time of mixing up Booker and Holder).

This is almost on the same level as thinking Hank Johnson actually thinks Guam might tip over.

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I did not vote for Hillary two years ago, and she is not on the ballot during these mid-term elections. However, I did recently vote Democrat for US Senator.

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Not going to jump on Hillary over this one. It was just a stupid joke and treating it as some big serious matter is really just stirring the pot for no reason.

Oh it was totally sarcasm but she’s not the one who should be doing it.

This is the weirdest role reversal ever. I think we switched accounts.

And there it is.

see the hate?

that is what I think she was doing, but she shouldn’t have - it was lame and comes out racist.

Yeah, that was what happened. Okay, back to Looney Tunes.

I don’t think that’s it. I just got informed by a Trump supporter forumer that I misunderstood his attempt at sarcasm. I went back and read his post and still missed it.

The two sides just think that sarcasm means different things, so when each side tries to use it, the other side is doomed not to get it.

There is no sarcasm in this post.

Lock her up!

See, now I know that they were being sarcastic with that line, because they didn’t lock her up and never planned to.

I’m starting to understand how they are funny.

Two realities, two types of sarcasm.

People who can leap from reality to reality and understand both types of sarcasm are called Jumpers.

And again…that makes it right. This is age old racist humor. I don’t know…i can’t tell them apart you know they all look alike. Yeah. Classy lady class act. All the way. I hope she runs. This is the only commercial Trump will have to make.

Well, yeah - it makes it fine. It’s not “racist humor” - the joke is mocking racism, not advancing it.

Clinton isn’t going to run, no matter how much Trump wants her to - but the fake outrage is just silly.

My outrage is silly. It’s real. Being racist isn’t funny even if your making fun of someone who isn’t black. The fact that she chose to make fun of the moderator at all was classless. To do it using an old racist joke was even more classless.

It’s a joke about racists. If I said in a similarly deadpan way in front of my friends that “This caravan is going to invade our country” or “We’ve really got to do slow down Muslims coming into the country,” they’d fall down laughing.

Where is Old Reliable to tell us that we’re Hillarysplaining?

Yes, I think your outrage is silly - and I’m not convinced that even you believe it’s “real”.

Clinton wasn’t being racist. That is clear to anyone who actually watched the video. She made a joke that got a huge laugh from the crowd. It wasn’t a mean-spirited joke, or a racist one. She playfully made fun of the moderator for confusing Booker and Holder at a speaking event.